Ancient Jewish Home Found in City of David

Folks, a Second Temple Jewish house has been uncovered in Jerusalem’s ancient City of David, Israel’s Antiquities Authority announced June 5, 2005. Several rooms of the 2,000 year old split-level house – as well as a ritual bath – were found at the compound, said archeologist Tzvika Greenhaut.

Folks, Mohammed, whose real name was Ubu’l Kassim, didn’t invent his religion until well, let’s see, he wasn’t born until circa April 20, 570 AD (he shares Adolph Hitler’s birthday, heh-heh ) and he died June 8, 632 AD. Whipping out the calculator, it’s clear that the Arab conquests for which Mohammed / Ubu’l is famous for occured approximately 1400 years ago – or – 600 years AFTER Christ and at least 2100-1875 years AFTER Joshua led the Israelites back into the Promised Land, which had previously been inhabited by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants, the 12 tribes of Israel. Click here for a Jewish timeline.

At the time in 632 AD, Jerusalem was a Christian city. It was captured by Khalif Omar six years after Mohammed’s death. Prior to the capture, the Church of Saint Mary of Justinian stood on the Temple Mount.

Folks, there was no mosque in the entire city.

The Dome of the Rock was built in 691 AD. The Muslim claim to Jerusalem is based on what is written in the koran. Unfortunately for Muslims, the city in the koran is never mentioned by name. The closest it comes to a reference is in Sura 17:1, which refers to the “furthest mosque.” Twenty years later, the Church of Saint Mary was converted into a mosque with the familiar dome on top. It was named Al Aqsa, so it would sound like the “furthest mosque” mentioned in the koran.

Click here and here for more details on the myth of the Muslim claim to Israel and Jerusalem.

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