American Jewish Leaders to Travel to Israel to Demonstrate Solidarity

[IMRA: It remains unclear if the American Jewish leaders coming on the visit who vocally supported the retreat policies that encouraged and lead to the current war will back down from their current vocal blind support for the Olmert retreat plan that is still on the table]

Top American Jewish leaders will travel to Israel this weekend to demonstrate solidarity with the government and people of Israel. News of the visit was enthusiastically welcomed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, and Tourism Minister Isaac Herzog.

“The impact of the missile attacks on Israel is not just military, economic or political, but also psychological. By our physical presence in Israel at this time, we will demonstrate our solidarity with government and people of Israel and our commitment to their security. By visiting communities in Israel’s north and south that have been targeted by the barrages of missiles, we will bring our message of unity and concern directly to the people,” said Conference of Presidents Chairman Harold Tanner and Executive Vice Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein.

“This visit by scores of leaders will complement the numerous demonstrations that have been taking place across the country in support of Israel’s right to self-defense and against the terror of Hezbollah and Hamas. Tens of thousands of Americans of different religions and ethnicities, have responded to our calls and attended rallies in an astounding show of support for Israel. We plan to carry their message and deliver it personally to the government and people of Israel that they are not alone.

“We hope that this mission will encourage others to visit Israel and not allow the terrorists a victory.”

The Conference of Presidents is the central coordinating body representing 51 national Jewish organizations on issues of national and international concern.

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