American Jewish donors rush to the aid of palestinians, not Jews

What schmucks. Mortimer Zuckerman, who publishes the New York Daily News, Lester Crown, whose family owns General Dynamics, James Wolfensohn, a special Mideast envoy and former president of the World Bank, and Leonard Stern, former owner of The Village Voice, have contributed to the tune of $14 million to ensure Israeli greenhouses would pass into palestinian hands unharmed.

Why these rich, fat slobs would choose to make it easy for palestinian savages to set up shop in greenhouses upon land was originally barren and land which Jewish people cultivated and farmed and tilled and from which they were deported in order to appease Islamofascists, is beyond me.

I want to know if these same rich bastards would give $14MM to a relocation fund for the 8,500 families who – as of yet – do not have any places to move to, because Sharon’s government has not completed the construction yet.

I would have been delighted if every Gush Katif family would have burned their own homes and their farms, and would have scorched the earth before they were deported, so that the palestinian rapists who have inherited the land – the palestinians who have raped and murdered the Jews – will have nothing upon which they can build their tents of Jew-hatred and bile.

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