Ameican TV and Movie Propaganda which favors Islam

Received by email:

There seem to be an ever increasing number of politically correct movies produced in the last ten or so years which want to convince us that the U.S. government is terrible, Americans are racist and that Muslims are misunderstood. I refuse to see any of these movies on principle, but I see the previews and read the reviews.

A new one is called “Rendition” and in all fairness, I haven’t seen it. But the preview shows a distraught American woman whose Muslim husband disappears; it seems he has been arrested and presumably taken to Guantanamo. She can’t get information about where he is and what happened. The American government is portrayed as bad because they won’t tell this poor woman what happened to her husband, and I guess we’re supposed to sympathize with this nice-looking American woman. But this is certainly not the first movie like this. One of the worst is a recent Turkish movie, Valley of the Wolves, but with two American actors in which Americans kill innocent people in Iraq and a Jewish doctor at Abu Graib cuts out the organs of Muslims.

American movies today cannot have a Muslim acting as a terrorist, so the villains are, for example, corporate America, as in the 2004 remake of “The Manchurian Candidate“. In the original Manchurian Candidate in the 60’s the villains were Communists. The logical villains these days would seem to be Islamist terrorists, but that would be politically incorrect, and no doubt, the producers would be called “racists”.

Now the same trend is beginning with TV shows. A fall 2007 sitcom called “Aliens in America” tries hard to convince us that Muslims are good peaceful people and any idea to the contrary is due to our own prejudices. I watched the pilot in which an American family, the parents of which are portrayed as rednecks and bigots, decide to take in an exchange student but freak out when they find out he’s Muslim. The mother is upset that the boy has her own son praying to Mecca ( I would be too). The Muslim teenager is portrayed as a sweet, loveable boy and wiser than anyone in the American family. At the end of the pilot the family decides to keep the boy, feeling sorry for him because his parents died. This show was even worse than I imagined. I haven’t watched it since but saw a scene from one show in which the Muslim boy is buying dangerous materials in a store and the store clerk runs off worried. I’m sure we are supposed to think how racist the clerk is to make any negative assumptions. This show seems really dangerous to me, insidious. Little by little, we will get used to sweet Muslim characters who have good reasons for buying dangerous materials that could be used for a bomb or getting our children to pray to Mecca. I think we should be very suspicious.

Please don’t watch this show. In fact, write the CW channel and ask them to take it off the air.

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