Al-Qaeda’s Christian Targets

A link to Havdala’s Doves and Pomegranates site, about Al-Qaeda’s Christian Targets

Paul Marshall offers a useful summation of the evidence that Al-Qaeda targeted Christians, not Muslims, in Riyadh — and of the dangers of glossing over that evidence.

“The media,” says Marshall, “seem to equate Arab with Muslim and, along with some in the administration, think that al Qaeda’s war is against Americans and Westerners per se, rather than against all ‘infidels,’ a group al Qaeda defines idiosyncratically and expansively as anyone who is not a strictly observant Muslim. Both mistakes are compounded by reliance on the Saudis’ distorted account of the attack.

“The November 8 bombing took place in a Lebanese Christian neighborhood of Riyadh, and of the seven publicly identified Lebanese victims, six were Christian. Lebanon’s newspapers are replete with photographs of Maronite Catholic and Greek Orthodox victims. Daleel al Mojahid, an al Qaeda-linked webpage, praised the killing of ‘non-Muslims.’ The Middle East Media Research Institute quotes Abu Salma al Hijazi, reputed to be an al Qaeda commander, as saying that Saudi characterizations of the victims as Muslims were ‘merely media deceit.'”

After all, the Prophet Muhammad says, “War is deceit” (Sahih Bukhari, vol. 4, book 52, nos. 267-9).

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