Al Qaeda Using Pedophile Websites to Plot Terror Attacks Against Britain

Just when you thought Islamists could go no lower.  Via JihadWatch:

All’s “fair” in love and jihad? More on how, for jihadists, the end, Islamic supremacy, will always justify the means, no matter how odious.

“Al-Qaeda Hiding Behind Pedobear for British terror attacks,” from the Inquisitr, January 5:

Al-Qaeda is using pedophile websites to plot terror attacks on Britain according to British Security Services.Al-Qaeda is using the sites due to the levels of security employed: paedophile sites are said to be password-protected and encrypted to avoid detection from police, which apparently makes them great for secretly plotting terrorist attacks as well.

A security source quoted in The Mirror said “Using child pornography sites appears to be al-Qaeda’s latest desperate attempt to avoid detection. Sadly, the high levels of secrecy, passwords and encryption demanded by paedophiles means their websites can offer good cover for terrorists.”

Pedophiles and terrorists: a snappy headline waiting to be had, but not really surprising either.

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