Al-Qaeda threatens President Bush

Al-Qaida’s Adam Gadahn, one of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, is urging his fellow Muslims to meet President Bush with bombs when he visits the Middle East, according to a new video posted on the Internet Sunday.

Although Adam Gadahn is U.S.-born, he dramatically tore up his U.S. passport as part of a symbolic protest against the U.S. in the nearly hour-long hystrionical tape, showing his excessive emotionality and attention-seeking personality disorder.

The release comes just three days before Bush is scheduled to arrive in Israel for a weeklong trip that will also bring him to the West Bank, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as part of his push for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement ( Fat chance of that ever happening. ) Adam Gadahn said:

“Now we direct an urgent call to our militant brothers in Muslim Palestine and the Arab peninsula … to be ready to receive the Crusader slayer Bush in his visit to Muslim Palestine and the Arab peninsula in the beginning of January and to receive him not with flowers or clapping but with bombs and booby-trapped vehicles,” Gadahn said in Arabic.

I am pleased that Gadahn delineated that there was once an entity known as Muslim Palestine because the fact of the matter is that there was also once a Jewish Palestine. Muslims just like Adam Gadahn rejected the partition when they were offered it, Jews accepted it; now Muslims have regrets, and Jews have Israel. Muslims just like Adam Gadahn started a war with the civilized world, now they must pay the consequences.

Get a good look at Adam Gadahn, everyone. He is why we are over there, so that Muslim mass murderers like Adam Gadahn don’t cut our heads off over here.

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