Al-Qaeda Tactics Expand in Gaza

And all this time the palestinians thought they would be safe from al-Qaeda because of what they thought was a shared political identity. From Al-Qaeda Tactics Expand in Gaza:

Over the past few months, a slew of Internet cafes and video stores have been attacked and forced to close. Earlier this week, Islamists opened fire on an elementary school, killing one bodyguard and wounding seven, while the most senior UN official in Gaza was visiting the institution. The startling events point in a direction that, until recently, many Palestinians thought was far from their reality: the appearance of groups driven by a fundamentalist, anti-Western agenda aligned with that of al-Qaeda. In the past half year, more than 70 establishments seen as representing “infidel” culture have been attacked, including Internet cafes, video shops, an American school, and a Christian center that distributed Bibles.

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