Al-Qaeda Still Plots Another U.S. Attack

I’m back, everyone, and so is the pestilence known as Al-Qaida, and like all Muslim terrorists, they are planning another big attack on the U.S., because they want to prove to everyone how peaceful they are. If Sarah only listened to her husband, Abraham, and never invited Hagar into her home, the world would have been spared from the deadly scourge of violence and enmity from Ishmael’s descendants. From Al-Qaeda Still Plots Another U.S. Attack:

Al-Qaeda terrorists continue to plan and train for a major attack against the U.S., but so far, there are no signs that the group’s extremists have infiltrated into the country, senior U.S. security and intelligence officials told Congress Monday. “They have committed leadership that can adapt. They have safe haven for training. They have middle management for organization and training and preparation,” retired Vice Adm. Michael McConnell, director of national intelligence, told a Senate hearing. Targets include U.S. political, economic and infrastructure elements “with the goal of producing mass casualties, visually dramatic destruction and significant economic shocks,” McConnell said.