Al-Qaeda Kingpin: I Trained 9/11 Hijackers

More Muslim hubris. I don’t expect any less from a culture whose greatest contribution to civilization was the concept of zero. From Al-Qaeda Kingpin: I Trained 9/11 Hijackers:

Louai al-Sakka sits isolated from the world and fellow inmates 24 hours a day at Kandira prison east of Istanbul, since being convicted last year in connection with the bombing of the British consulate in Istanbul that killed 27 people. By his own account he is a senior al-Qaeda operative who took part in the beheading of Briton Kenneth Bigley in Iraq and helped train the 9/11 bombers. Sakka also had been planning to sink Israeli cruise ships off the Turkish coast using motorized dinghies. His downfall in August 2005 was a result of a nighttime explosion that caused a fire in his apartment, where firefighters found a do-it-yourself bomb factory.

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