Al-Qaeda: Hamas betrayed God

If anyone still believes the hype that Islam is not a conquering, imperialistic, territorial, and aggressive theosophy which has evolved into a “religion of peace”, in spite of the overwhelming empirical historical evidence that it is not, even after reading this article, has to be a freaking moron. Via Jihad Watch:

A-Q is piqued with the brothers of Hamas because they have entered upon — gasp! — the path of dialogue. Really, Libi and Co. needn’t worry: Hamas still intends to end up in the same place.

“Al-Qaeda: Hamas betrayed God: Terror group says it cannot ‘keep silent’ over Hamas path ‘which will lead to hell,'” by Yaakov Lappin for Ynet News:

Hamas has been accused of “betraying its own martyrs and God” during a recent statement issued by al-Qaeda.

A video made by al-Qaeda leader Yahya al-Libi, who is in Afghanistan, was released at the end of April. Ynetnews has obtained the full recording, one of a number of growing scathing verbal attacks on Hamas by al-Qaeda.

‘Path of Jihad’

“I am sending this message to the people of Palestine, whose blood is being shed by the Jewish occupiers,” al-Libi said.

“Hamas has abandoned jihad for politics. It has betrayed its youths. Its main activity is politics. Since its decision to go down the path of politics, Hamas has begun to descend on a downhill slope. They betrayed the dreams of their young fighters and they stabbed them in the back,” al-Libi added.

“All of the pretexts Hamas gives for pondering the political path do not even convince Hamas,” Libi said. “They don’t believe their own rhetoric. They themselves know they are not pursuing the true path of Islam.”

Come on, Libi. It’s just a tactic. And a very effective one, for that matter.

‘Hamas not listening to us’

Libi complained that “al-Qaeda leaders tried to advise Hamas about its policy and told Hamas leaders that they are not going in right direction. But Hamas has been firm in maintaining that its path is different from that of al-Qaeda.”

He bitterly lamented that “Hamas told al-Qaeda they don’t need al-Qaeda’s advice. Some of their most prominent leaders went as far as making public declarations during a recent visit to the atheist capital of Russia, Moscow, distancing themselves from al-Qaeda. They did so openly after the meeting with the murderous corrupt Russian leaders whose crimes are worse than those of Sharon” Libi said, referring to Hamas politburo head Khaled Mashaal’s trip to Moscow.

“Is Putin and his corrupt and murderous regime more relevant to Hamas’s political equation for Palestine than advice by our great leader Ayman al-Zawahiri?” the al-Qaeda leader asked….

“You call your movement resistance, and then you call it Islamic resistance. If you were really Islamic, you would call it jihad,” al-Libi said.
“Can you tell us which Islam you are talking about, and which shariah you are going to implement?” he added.

“Your path has confused the Palestinians, and they can no longer differentiate between you and the secular leaders that you courting,” he said.

After pledging that “al-Qaeda will stick to the path of true jihad,” al-Libi addressed Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades, saying: “Where are your bombs, where is you fire, which should shine like the sun in the enemy’s backyard? Your martyrs used to fight for al-Aqsa, and today you replaced the heavy sword with dialogue. Hamas is a part of the conspiracy against the Palestinians.”

Now is the time for peaceful Muslims all over to explain — not to non-Muslims, but to their fellow Muslims — why Al-Qaeda’s path is not really that of “true jihad.” Here Libi has given them a real opportunity to demonstrate that the true Islam is peaceful, as they relentlessly claim yet never quite get around to explaining. Any takers? Mr. Hooper? Mr. Ayloush? Mr. Schwartz? Mr. Mohammed? Come on, guys! Now’s your chance!

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