Al Jazeerah, following the Islamist/Mohammedan party line, again accuses the Talmud of being racist

A hat tip to for posting that Al Jazeerah is again accusing the Talmud of supporting racism and hatred, and that it is also the source of hatred directed towards non-Jews. Their predictable article continues with the initiative that American Christians need to reexamine their relationship with organized Jewry and insist that racist Talmudic teachings be removed from such offensive texts.

Of course the article quotes non-existant tractates like “Mechilla,” “Mizbeach,” “Iore Dea,” and the “Libbre David,” and nonexistent passages in actual works, whether in the Talmud or not. Al Jazeerah is not the only site that publishes these lies about the Talmud ; many other islamic sites have published similar Jew bashing articles, errors and all.

Here’s an excellent site, Response to anti-Semites’ posting of Talmud “Quotes”, for those who want to respond.

In the meantime, folks, notice how desperate the islamists are as they dig deep into their own cesspools, for all they can come up with are bent accusations of racism existing in other religions, while they themselves slaughter, murder, rape, steal, mutilate their females genitalia, and perform “honor killings”.

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