Al-Jazeera Should be Put Out of Business – William F. Buckley Jr.

Al-Jazeera, viewed by an estimated 40 million people in the Middle East, is broadcast from Qatar, which is formally friendly to the West. That oil-rich state nominally owns AJ, which spends $120 million per year and loses $40 or $50 million. (Qatar makes up the loss with a subsidy.) The poison resides in the news dispatches, which are anti-American and anti-Israel. When there are suicide bombers wading into mosques and schools and buses, and killing men, women, and children, attempts to examine what it is that moves them to such activity are reasonably made. If the news commentary the entire Near East region receives stresses the spiritual nobility of killing in the name of Allah, something should stress the nobility of putting such advocates out of business. Al-Jazeera Should be Put Out of Business

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