Ahmadinejad: Israel “Cannot Continue Its Existence”

The depraved and misshapen Iranian President Ahmadinejad on Thursday continued his harsh rhetoric against Israel and termed the Jewish state “the greatest insult to human dignity,” ISNA news agency reported. “We have said several times that this regime cannot continue its existence,” he said. “No Middle East country would ever, not even in a hundred years, acknowledge this regime.”

We don’t give a crap about what you think, what you eat, what you breath, Ahmadinejad. We only wait for the day when we read your obituary. You give yourself too much credit so just sit down and shut up. The rest of the world may be slightly amused and charmed but you represent the weakest side of humanity in a world that only respects strength. We know you could use an atom bomb against the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel, but guess what, you’re not bullet-proof yourself, dirtbag. Somewhere there is a bullet with your name on it. Does Enola Gay mean anything to you, you stinking rat bastard? It does to the rest of us. Unless you dig yourself deep down into the tombs of Persia, you will be found, you will be arrested, and you will decompose like the rest of the madmen you have chosen to emulate. We know that Arab Machismo Pride prevents you – a cruel vicious terrorist monkey from apologizing for red handedly being responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians. You think you are what nations call a real man? Not where we come from. Where we come from, you’re a pig.

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