Ahmadinejad Calls for U.S. Bases to be “Eradicated”

The real son of apes and pigs, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is oiling his Muslim War Machine. Iran has test-fired nine long- and medium-range missiles, including a Shahab 3, which it previously said could reach Israel and U.S. bases in the region, and yesterday, the stupid ape called for U.S. military bases across the world to be “eradicated.”

“The military bases in the whole world should be eradicated and removed,” he told a press conference after a summit of the “D8” group of developing nations in Malaysia.

Somebody better crush Mahmoud Ahmadinejad soon. One of the obstacles in accomplishing this will be if Obama becomes president; no doubt if that should happen, Ahmadinejihad will be wined, dined, and hero-ified, just like other Muslim leaders have been by arabists, leftists, progressive socialists and palestiniasts.