Adi Cohen Z”L An IDF Dead Soldier Story

Another story about an Israeli that you won’t hear about from Martin Bashir. Received by email:
Adi Cohen, 19 from Hadera grew up near the ocean. He received his red hat only 9 months ago at the “Kumta” ceremony as a member of the 101 paratroopers. Adi’s older brothers Avner, 24, and younger brothers, Tom, 16, and Tomer 13 (only 4 days since bar mitzvah) were very close to Adi. They were proud of the 101 unit of IDF paratroopers.

Last week, Adi Cohen was on the second floor of a Hizbollah house in S. Lebanon when a katyusha hit the lower floor killing 2 of his fellow soldiers who were in position in the 1st floor. Adi attended their funerals and came home for 24 hours to participate in his brother, Tomer’s bar mitzvah on Monday. As Tomer was called to the Torah at the Kotel, Adi smiled and cried with his siblings and parents at the great simcha during war time. On Tuesday, Adi returned to his unit and went into S. Lebanon to the same area as he missed death last week.

Yesterday, only 2 days after celebrating Tomer’s bar mitzvah, Adi was killed by Hizbollah. On Tisha Ba’av today, as thousands crowd around the remnants of the Beit Hamikdash, where Adi danced with his brother Tomer only 72 hours ago, Adi Cohen will be buried at 4 30 pm after mincha, at the military cemetery in Hadera.

Hashem Yikam Damam

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