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Accountability of the Israeli Government

Following the confirmation that Hamas media praised the terror attack in Jerusalem, excerpted from Accountability Of The Israeli Government:

Yesterday afternoon, The Bulletin contacted the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert about the Israeli government’s response to the Hamas:

The Bulletin forwarded a statement to the Israeli court from two weeks ago in which the government of Israel took a position that it will NOT garnish the assets of Hamas for a Hamas terror victim family and that the government of Israel states that it is the position of the government that the Hamas should NOT be dismantled.

In light of the fact that the Hamas praised the attack in Jerusalem, The Bulletin asked three questions of Mr. Olmert.

1. Why will the Israeli government not dismantle the Hamas?

2. Since Hamas in Gaza uses radio and TV frequencies that are owned by the state of Israel that were loaned to the Palestinians in 1994 for them to advance the cause of peace, why do you not cut off these frequencies or at least reclaim them for the state of Israel?

3. Why does the Israeli government not kill the leaders of Hamas who publicly praise and plan the murders of Jews, in the same way that the Israeli government killed Hamas leaders Mr. Yassin and Dr. Rantisi in 2004?

No answer was forthcoming from Mr. Olmert’s communications office to these queries that followed the terror attack in downtown Jerusalem.

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