Access | Middle East: a new, must-visit site

Access | Middle East (AME)

We here at Smooth Stone are excited by a brand new must-visit website, Access | Middle East (AME), a new and powerful information portal that, hopefully, will help ensure that journalists from around the globe, will once and for all get their facts right and by doing so, will benefit Israel by changing the tone of Middle East reporting.

AME is non-partisan; not left, right or middle. AME’s philosophy is that the truth will benefit Israel — even information we personally may not like.

AME features state-of-the-art software that translates, in real time, 400 newspapers from around the world. It’s a one-stop shop for journalists. AME has headlines from 10 major newspapers in the world, any of which you can click on to get the full story. The user is also able to track responses from around the world to different statements made by prominent people regarding Middle East issues. AME has links to over 50 prestigious think tanks and institutions. Everything you could want to know about the Middle East is on AME’s site.

While AME and its founders are supporters of Israel, AME believes that accurate information leads to a perspective that is supported by the facts and that in the final analysis objective reporting is in everyone’s best interest.

AME encourages private individuals, Jewish community leadership, teachers, students and policy makers to log on.

Click here for a fascinating interview with Merv Adelson , the creator and founder.

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