Abu Mazen Promises Hamas: Return to Armed Struggle If All Fails

Folks, Israel Television Channel One reported Sunday that Abu Mazen gave Hamas secret promises that if everything falls apart they can return to the path of armed struggle.

That’s right, you heard me, folks. The man who engineered the murders of the 1972 Israeli Munich Olympics team just gave his promise to the entire depraved Palestinian terrorist community that they may proceed with an armed struggle. “Armed struggle” – a phrase used over and over again in the “palestinian’s” vile PLO Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel in more than 15 of its 33 articles.

Doesn’t that make you sick? Doesn’t it disgust you that the writers of the palestinian national charter would write such a pathologically diseased document calling for the destruction of another country, i.e. Israel, as part of its own national vision?

Folks, all of Arabia is obsessed with little Israel. The Arabs are not only jealous of Israel’s success, they are threatened by it, because Israel’s success, evolution, and progress towards democracy is an alarming indicator to how much Islamic Arabia has failed in its own 1400 year history.

Folks, do you see the ugliness of Arabian nationalism?

Why are the Arabs the only ones who have a right to self-determination? Why can’t Jews or Kurds also have the same right to their own independent nation and state?

I know why and I’ll tell you why. Because the majority of Arabs are racists and nationalists, who have wrongfully merged a depraved value system with a nationalistic political identity.

In other words, if you’re an Arab, your goals are worthwhile, valid, and good enough to die for. But if you’re an Iraqi Kurd or an Israeli Jew, you’re worth nothing and should die.

I’ll be posting more on this topic over the next few weeks…stay tuned.

Abu Mazen Promises Hamas: Return to Armed Struggle If All Fails

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