Abbas threatens to boycott peace summit

A veiled threat from a Muslim Jew-hater. What a surprise considering Mahmoud Abbas and Abu Mazen is the same person – and the engineer behind the “Black September” murder of Israel’s olympic athletes in 1972, including one U.S. citizen, a weightlifter named David Berger who was an American from Cleveland, Ohio. From Ha’aretz:

Palestinian authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will not attend Washington’s regional peace summit in November unless Israel agrees to a reach an agreement with the Palestinians there, Abbas’ associates told Haaretz Sunday, adding the summit could “prove dangerous”. With U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice expected to arrive in Jerusalem Monday, the Saudis also submitted some preconditions for their attendance.

“We can live without the summit, but if does take place and fail by producing nothing more than a joint statement, then it could prove to be a danger for the whole region,” one of Abbas’ senior advisers told Haaretz. “We must not attend such a summit. We’re not demanding the resolution of the entire problem by then, but we are demanding a significant breakthrough from the meeting.”

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