AACI English-Speaking Walking Tours in Jerusalem Succot 2004/5765

Looking for something exciting to do during Succot? For the third year in a row, the AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) Tourism Project has organized walking tours in Jerusalem for the English-speaking public during Chol HaMo’ed Succot (and for a day both before and after Succot)! There are 24 tours in all, running from September 29 through October 8, 2004. Many old favorites are offered, and new routes are included.

All tours last 2.5-3.5 hours. The cost is 35 shekels for Israelis, 40 shekels for tourists. Children aged 5 and under are free, and there is a family discounted price of 140/160 for families of 5 or more. Where entrance fees are required, they must be paid by participants.

Responsibility for each tour is in the hands of the individual tour guide leading that tour. No reservations are required, but a tour will not take place if there are fewer than 3 participants. Tourists who are observing a second day of Yom Tov can arrange with the tour guide to pay later for the tour.

For more general information, call Donna Goldberg, AACI Tourism Project Coordinator, at 02-5661181, ext. 318, or at 050-7338089, or email her at dgoldberg@aaci.org.il.

For further information about a particular tour, please call the guide listed in the tour details directly or check the AACI website at www.aaci.org.il.

Be sure to be prepared with good walking shoes, a hat and water. Tell your friends about the tours. Hope you can join us!

Chag Same’ach and Happy Touring from AACI!

Wednesday, September 29

New Scenic Promenades, Old Borders ñ A Walk Along the Pre-1967 Jerusalem Boundary Line

We’ll begin with the new Goldman Promenade encircling the old Governor’s House in East Talpiot,, continue along the Haas-Sherover Promenade & then through Abu Tor, Gai Ben Hinnom, and Yemin Moshe, ending up at the King David Hotel. Lots of stairs at the end, so recommended for reasonably good walkers, ages 8 & up. Meet at 9:45 AM at the beginning of the Haas Promenade (Tayelet Armon HaNatziv), next to the East Talpiot parking lot. Guide: Dani Barkai (02- 6782483, 050-7717635).

Hassidic Tales of Jerusalem — The Story of Meah She’arim

Have you ever wondered which Hassidim are Belz, which are Reb Areleh, which are Gur, etc.? On this tour, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Hassidim! Meet at 9:45 AM in front of the Ministry of Education building on Shivtei Yisrael St. Modest dress please. Guide: Moshe Schreiber (068-743400).

The Perfect Garden Neighborhood ñ A Stroll through Beit Hakerem

Come enjoy a stroll through the green neighborhood of Beit HaKerem, one of the finest examples of the garden neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Explore the green paths and alleyways of this lovely neighborhood; discover the meeting between Zionism, art, and literature in the early decades of the last century, as well as city planning during the British Mandate period. Meet at 9:45 AM at the black sculpture in Denya Square on Herzl Boulevard in Beit Hakerem. Guide: Lauren Shachar (02-6524561, 058-850991).

Friday, October 1

Recreating the City of Herod the Great — from Jaffa Gate to the Southern Wall Excavations

Starting from Jaffa Gate, we’ll walk through the Jewish Quarter towards the Temple Mount, trying to reconstruct in our imaginations the magnificent Jerusalem that Herod built two thousand years ago. We’ll end with an exploration of the exciting Southern Wall excavations, where we witness both the life thriving around the Temple complex, and signs of its destruction. (Entrance fee) Meet at 9:45 AM just inside Jaffa Gate. Guide: Allan Rabinowitz (02- 6711277, 058-812843).

Hassidic Tales of Jerusalem — The Story of Meah She’arim

See description on September 29. Meet at 9:45 AM, same place.

The Secrets of Mount Zion

Where is the true Mount Zion? What is important here to Jews, Christians, and Moslems? From Biblical times through the Crusades, the Ottoman period, and the quest for Israel’s independence, this hill has held many secrets and can reveal many stories. Come explore the hidden corners of this fascinating and historic hill. Meet at 9:45 AM at the windmill in Yemin Moshe. Guide: Lauren Shachar (02-6524561, 050-850991).

Saturday, October 2

Little Known Gems of Jerusalem

Experience the unique charm of the Eternal City while seeing gems that are often overlooked. Did you know that Jerusalem has a park for the blind? Why was the Sultan’s Pool built in the same place as Herod’s reservoir? Why is one of the entrances to Hell in Jerusalem? For the answers to these and many other questions, meet

at 7:45 PM by the Liberty Bell in Liberty Bell Park, near the Inbal Hotel. Guide: David Magence (02-6521238, 050-283819).

Sunday, October 3

Highlights of the Jewish Quarter

Explore the paths, alleyways and back streets of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, and enjoy the many stories hidden within its holy places, sacred stones, ancient walls and mysterious tombs. Meet at 9:45 AM right inside the Jaffa Gate. Guide: Moshe Schreiber (068-743400).

Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Yemin Moshe, and the German Colony

Discover 3 neighborhoods all built in the mid to late 19th century, one by Moses Motefiore as the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of the Old City Walls to alleviate the terrible conditions suffered by the Jews inside the Old City, the second one built by the Jews and named after Moses Montefiore, and the third one built by a group of German Christians (the Templars) who contributed significantly to modernizing the city of Jerusalem. Meet at 9:45 AM by the windmill in Yemin Moshe. Guide: Jacob Solomon (02- 6737998, 067-837998).

On Top of It All ñ a Walk on the City Ramparts

Walk the Old City ramparts from Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate to see old & new, ancient & modern, Arab and Jewish, Armenian and Catholic Jerusalem from a unique perspective. Not suitable for strollers. (Entrance fee) Meet at 2:00 PM just inside Jaffa Gate. Guide: Danja Keesing (054-4221821).

Secrets of Lev Ha’ir Unfolded — A Stroll Through Nahla’ot

Visit Jerusalem’s most colorful area, the real heart of the city and the Nahla’ot neighborhood. See the synagogues, the gateways, and the alleyways that were home to Jews from the late 1800’s. Varied populations live in the neighborhood today, but Lev Ha’ir is eternally one of the city’s most picturesque of neighborhoods. The tour will end on Agrippas allowing time for a peek at Mahane Yehuda or a walk down to Gan Sacher. Meet at 2:00 PM at the entrance to the Gerard Behar Center on Bezalel Street. Guide: Janet Moshe (02- 6733445, 066-334525).

Monday, October 4

City Secrets ñ Beit HaRav Kook and Heichal HaG’vurah

In the very heart of downtown Jerusalem, but unknown to most people, one can find remnants of both the spiritual and physical strength of the pioneers of modern Israel. We will visit Beit HaRav Kook and see the humble beginnings of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav. We will then continue to the Russian Compound and see how the structure that was originally built for pilgrims was turned by the British into a prison, used to detain people whose only crime was their desire to make the Jewish homeland a reality. (Entrance fee) Meet at 9:45 AM at the corner of Rav Kook and Nevi’im streets. Guide: Shraga Solomon (054-4989789).

Secrets of Lev Ha’ir Unfolded ñ A Stroll through Nahla’ot

See description on October 3. Meet at 9:45 AM, same place.

The Secrets of David’s City

What led King David to establish his capital here? From where did the people living here get their water and how did they protect it, both before and after King David? What’s happening here, now, 3000 years after King David? We will answer all these questions and more as we examine new and old theories during our in-depth tour of Ir David, culminating in a refreshing walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel! Meet at 2:00 PM just outside the Dung Gate. Bring a flashlight & shoes for walking in water. Not suitable for strollers or very young children. (Entrance fee) Guide: Shraga Solomon (02- 5662405, 054-356998).

New Scenic Promenades, Old Borders ñ A Walk Along the Pre-1967 Jerusalem Boundary Line

See description on September 29. Meet at 2:00 PM, same place.

Little Known Gems of Jerusalem

See description on October 2. Meet at 7:45 PM, same place.

Tuesday, October 5

Rechov HaNevi’im

What do all of the following have in common? Herzl, Rachel the Poetess, Anna Ticho, Haile Salassie, Danja Keesing, Conrad Schick, Dr. Rachel Kagan, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, and more? Answer: They have all visited Nevi’im Street, so come hear all about them and find out how one can they pack so much into just a few blocks. Religion, medicine, architecture, poetry, politics — everything EXCEPT prophets (nevi’im)! Meet at 9:45 AM at the Davidka at the beginning of Nevi’im Street. Guide: Danja Keesing (054-4221821).

Jewels of the Jewish Quarter

Explore some of the highlights of the Jewish Quarter, including the 4 Sephardic synagogues, Kikar Batei HaMachse, the first Jewish hospital, the burnt house with its new audio-visual presentation, Hezekiah’s broad wall, the Hurvah and Ramban synagogues, the Cardo, and more. Modest dress please. (Entrance fee) Meet at 9:45 AM at

the entrance to the Cardo. Guide: Martin Pel-Or (09-8343899, 058- 380136).

4 Quarters, 3 Religions, 2 Songs, and 1 Tour Guide

Join us for a tour of the highlights of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, where the 3 great monotheistic religions co-exist within a few square kilometers. Walk through the alleyways and over the rooftops. Use all of your five senses to hear, feel, smell, taste, and see four thousand years of history in a few short hours.

Meet at 2:00 PM just inside Jaffa Gate. Guide: Danja Keesing (054- 4221821).

Highlights of the Christian Quarter

Wander through the alleyways of the Christian Quarter and explore various churches, including an in-depth look at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Meet at 2:00 PM just inside the Jaffa Gate. Modest dress please. Guide: Martin Pel-Or (09-8343899, 058-380136).

Wednesday, October 6

Ein Karem

Wander through the narrow streets of this picturesque village, home to many churches, and purported to be the birthplace of John the Baptist. Visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, Mary’s Well, the Convent of the Sisters of Zion, and more. Meet at 9:45 AM in front of the Church of St. John the Baptist. Guide: Martin Pel-Or (09-

8343899, 058-380136).

Old Katamon Uncovered

Walk from Kiryat Shmuel through Old Katamon and learn about the crucial role that these neighborhoods played in the War of Independence. Relive the chilling battle at the San Simon Monastery, one of the most decisive victories in the struggle for Jerusalem. Discover hidden charms in these neighborhoods right in the heart of the city. Meet at 9:45 AM in Ariella Goldberg Square, across from Beit Hanassi (the President’s House) on Hanassi Street. Guide: Donna Goldberg (02-5611027, 050-7338089).

Friday, October 8

Kibbutz Ramat Rachel and Old Talpiot

We’ll see important archaeological excavations from the first Temple period through the Byzantine period and learn about the crucial role Kibbutz Ramat Rahel played in the War of Independence. In addition, we’ll discover old Talpiot, home to one of Israel’s most famous writers, Shai Agnon, and one of the finest examples of British urban

planning during the Mandate period. Meet at 9:45 AM at the #7 bus stop at Ramat Rachel (the end of the #7 line). Guide: Jacob Solomon (02-6737998, 067-837998).

Rediscovering Rehavia

Visit Jerusalem’s first garden neighborhood to see the Jewish Agency, the Gymnasia Rechavia, Yad Ben Zvi, El Pueblo Espanol, the Cafe Rechavia, Jerusalem’s first tennis court, the home of the early prime ministers, the homes of Gad Frumkin, Eliezer Yellin and more. Meet at 9:45 AM in front of the Kings Hotel on the corner of King

George and Ramban streets. Guide: Miri Lowenberg (02-5662405, 054- 356998).

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