7th century Iran

A state like Iran which threatens neighbors with extinction and routinely uses violence and terrorism as deliberate instruments of state policy must be a pariah state and recognized as such by all civilized nations. Now Iran’s Parliament, the Majlis, again departs from universally accepted norms not only with regard to other states, but towards its own citizens, proposing to color-code them by faith. It thus adds force to its head long retreat towards the dark ages.

The newly passed Iranian dress code would oblige Moslems to wear “standard Islamic garments,” while forcing non-Moslem Iranians to display color coded cloth on their clothes. The code is yellow for Jews, red for Christians and blue for Zoroastrians.

“This law recalls the Holocaust immediately to mind when Jews were forced to wear distinctive yellow Stars of David on their clothes,” said AJC Executive Director Neil Goldstein.

“Iranian President Ahmadnejad denies the Holocaust ever occurred, but closely follows the Nazi playbook as he forces Jews to wear yellow cloth and threatens to destroy Israel, just as the Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow stars as a prelude to implementing their program of genocide.”

Goldstein concluded, “What possible purpose could a civilized state have in ordering its citizens to publicly display their religious and ethnic differences in such a fashion? If one needed any further evidence, this grotesque legislation adds to the widespread view that the current Iranian regime is, indeed, not civilized.”

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