6 IDF soldiers murdered in Gaza, killed by palestinians

Six IDF soldiers were killed this morning in Gaza’s al-Zaytun neighborhood after the armored personnel carrier they were riding in drove over an explosive device. The Givaati infantry brigade soldiers were on their way back from a mission to seek and destroy tunnels used by palestinian terrorists to smuggle weapons from Egypt to Gaza.

The Hamas’ military wing, Iz-a-din al-Kassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident was reportedly followed by heavy exchanges of fire between IDF soldiers and palestinians.

The IDF has been operating in the Strip to uncovered Kassam rocket workshops. An IDF soldiers sustained light injuries in the operation.

Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked of the connection between the attack and the disengagement plan. Netanyahu replied, “There is no connection between the two. The fight against terror must be persistent and the government is committed to that. We will fight terror regardless of the political questions”.

6 IDF soldiers die in Gaza operation

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