6 Dead, 5 Wounded in Multi-Pronged Terror Attack by Palestinian Muslims

Six civilian security guards were killed in Thursday night’s multi-pronged terror attack at Gaza’s Karni Crossing. Terrorists blew up a separation wall and ran through, shooting in all directions.

A truck laden with explosives backed up to the separation wall on the PA side of the crossing and detonated 150 kilograms (330 lbs.) of explosives, creating a large hole. Three suicide bombers armed with grenades, guns and bombs ran in through the opening towards the Israeli side, firing their weapons and throwing grenades. The surprised Israel Airports Authority guards returned fire, reportedly killing one of the terrorists. The others then blew themselves up.

The dead – four Jews and two Arabs – were civilian employees at the crossing. Three of them were from Sderot.

Their names:

1. Ivan Smilov, 53, from S’derot.

2. Herzl Shlomo, 50, from S’derot.

3. Dror Gizri, 31, from S’derot.

4. Munam Abu-Saviah, 33, from Kfar Diburiyah

5. Abrahim Kahili, 46, from Um Inam

6. Ofir Tiri, 23, from Ashkelon

Three different Palestinian terror organizations – Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigade, the Popular Resistance Committee, and Hamas – claimed joint responsibility for the attack.

Mahmoud Abbas, the PA’s newly-elected chairman, has not issued a statement of condemnation.

6 Guards Dead, 5 Wounded in Multi-Pronged Terror Attack by Palestinian Muslims

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