4 AM update from Israel

Received by email:
Details to follow, in the battles yesterday a cleaning up operation took place in the places that we had “conquered” . Lots of anti-tank weapons one friendly fire incident that a tank killed the soldiers. Many died pinned down. The Air Force bombed some of the terrorists but not enough. Battles were pitched and fierce as the troops were ambushed or Hizballah engaged. We did not want terror attacks from the rear on the main force so going in meant. In Ata a Shaab and Deabbi there was the heaviest fighting.

In Beit Hanun in the Gaza area a building was destroyed. Fighting was there too.

The night before this we targeted and removed 7 Amelek by killing a Hizballah commander and a few deputies and some of his lovely family.

Since it is 4+ AM I will give more details later. The Push to the Litani and the clean up operation continues. More troops are pouring into Lebanon tonight and this morning.

Rockets continued on Kiriat Shemona even at midnight. The residents taken away to hotels (just a few) could not sleep because of the quiet.

Have a good rest but say some Tehillim (Psalms) for our injured and some Perkei Avos for the souls of our dead.

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