2nd Toy In Candy Bag Appears To Depict bin Laden

Folks, you heard about this story last week: a bag of candy shocked a local grandmother who discovered that the toy inside looked like a plane flying right into the Twin Towers. I didn’t bother mentioning it here as I passed it off as an aberrational by-product of some backward society in some godless culture which exports plastic toys out of a sweat shop somewhere in Asia. (How’s that for generic?). Today, there’s a similar story about a second toy found in candy which appears to depict Osama Bin Laden. You can read about it here.

Now one has to ask, who is distributing this candy? Well, it’s the Lisy Corporation, and Lisy is recalling the product, which in my mind, redeems them. So, who makes the candy? Lisy says they bought the toys, sight unseen, from L and M Import/Export of Miami. I tried to do some research and not much is out there on L and M Import/Export of Miami. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to assume that the company who produced the toy is foreign owned.