Second Temple pool found

Another hat tip to Hasidic Gentile for posting about this fantastic archaeological discovery that proves once again the historical accuracy and the Biblical record that establishes that the lands bequeathed by G-d to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac have been the Hebrew homeland long before any son of Ishmael ever resided there:

A pool that served as a main water reservoir for Jerusalem residents 2,000 years ago has been uncovered, the Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

The Pool of Siloam was uncovered last week by chance at the southern end of the City of David – in what today is Silwan – while the city was carrying out infrastructure work for a new sewage pipe.

Archeologist Eli Shukrun said that two millennia ago, Jewish residents would use the pool to gather water for their homes, as a meeting place, and also possibly as a mikve.

After lying untouched for 2,000 years, archeologists first uncovered one step, and then several more leading down to the pool, whose water came from the nearby Gihon spring.

“This find is of major importance to the archeological world,” Antiquities Authority director Shuka Dorfman said Wednesday at a short ceremony at the site, where excavations are ongoing.

“This is our history and it is important that we know and remember that Jews lived here, and that this is our inheritance,” Education Minister Limor Livnat said.

Livnat, whose ministry oversees the work of the Antiquities Authority, added that it was tremendously exciting to see history being repeatedly uncovered in the area.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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