25 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Infighting Last Month

From 25 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Infighting Last Month:

PA security sources said 25 Palestinians were killed in Gaza last month in internal fighting. Another four were killed in the West Bank. “The Gaza Strip is full of thugs and gangsters who are responsible for the ongoing anarchy. Soon the Gaza Strip may be declared a dangerous zone, which means that all international organizations would have to leave,” said Yasser Abed Rabbo, a close aide to Mahmoud Abbas. “Thousands of gunmen continue to roam the streets and the new government hasn’t done anything to restore law and order. Every day you hear horror stories about people who are killed and wounded,” said a human rights activist in Gaza City. He said at least 46 civilians had been kidnapped in Gaza in the past four weeks. Hassan Khraisheh, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said that the commanders of the PA security forces knew where kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston was being held, but were doing nothing to release him.