19 random acts of arab terrorism

INCIDENT NO. 1 23 July 1968 El Al plane hijacked on flight from Rome to Lod.21 Israel i and 11crew members detained for five weeks. 2 palestinians, 1 Syrian. Apprehended by Algerian authorities.

INCIDENT NO. 2 26 December 1968 Gunfire attack on El Al plane at Athens airport. 1 Israeli passenger killed; 1 stewardess wounded. 2 Palestinians. Sentenced to 17 and 14 years imprisonment respectively.

INCIDENT NO. 3 18 February 1969 Gunfire attack on El Al plane at Zurich airport. Co-pilot killed; pilot wounded. 5 Palestinians. 1 killed and 4 arrested. 1 (a woman) freed quickly; the three men sentenced to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour.

INCIDENT NO. 4 22 May 1969 Attempt to assassinate David Ben-Gurion in Copenhagen. Forestalled. 2 Arabs (a man and a woman) and 1 Swede arrested by Danish authorities.

INCIDENT NO. 5 23 August 1969 Attack on the Israeli Commercial Fair at Izmir.Abortive. 2 Jordanian students injured by the bomb employed in the attack. 1 died from injuries; 1 arrested.

INCIDENT NO. 6 29 August 1969 TWA plane hijacked from Los Angeles, forced to land at Damascus, where it was sabotaged. 6 Israeli passengers detained, two of whom held until 5 December 1969. 2 Palestinians. Not brought to trial

INCIDENT NO. 7 8 September 1969 Hand-grenade attack on El Al office in Brussels.Damage to building 2 Arab boys, one of them 13 years old. Both recruited by A I-Fatah. One boy took refuge in the Iraqi Embassy, which helped him to escape.

INCIDENT NO. 8 27 November 1969 Hand-grenade attack on El Al office in Athens.1 Greek child killed; 13 persons wounded. 2 Jordanians. Sentenced to 11and 8 years imprisonment respectively. Freed after the Olympic Airways hijacking in July 1970

INCIDENT NO. 9 5 December 1969 Attack planned on plane at London airport. Forestalled. 4 terrorists arrested.

INCIDENT NO. 10 17 December 1969 Attack planned on an El Al plane at London airport. Forestalled. 2 British nationals. I sentenced to 10 years imprisonment; the other turned “Queen’s” evidence.

INCIDENT NO. 11 21 December 1969 Attempt to hijack a TWA plane in Athens. Abortive. 3 Lebanese detained. Freed after the Olympic Airways hijacking in July 1970.

INCIDENT NO. 12 9 January 1970 TWA plane hijacked to Beirut from Paris. Plane released. 1 Frenchman.

Freed after a few days.

INCIDENT NO. 13 10 February 1970 Attack on airport bus headed for El Al plane at Munich airport. I Israel i passenger killed; 8 others wounded. 2 Jordanians; 1 Egyptian. Freed after the Zerqa affair in September 1970.

INCIDENT NO. 14 17 February 1970 Conspiracy to hijack an El Al plane at Munich airport. Abortive. 1 Jordanian and 2 Iraqis arrested on arrival by plane at Munich airport. Sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. Released after less than 2 months.

INCIDENT NO. 15 4 May 1970 Attack on Israeli Embassy at Asuncion (Paraguay). Wife of Israeli diplomat killed; 1 secretary wounded. 2 Palestinians. Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Released after

serving sentences.

INCIDENT NO. 16 23 June 1970 Attacks planned on hotels in Israel. Forestalled. 1 Arab arrested in

Israel. Sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

INCIDENT NO. 17 22 July 1970 Olympic Airlines plane hijacked to Beirut from Athens. Greek authorities

set free 7 convicted Arab terrorists. 6 members of Palestine Popular Struggle Front. None was brought

to justice, but 7 convicted Arab terrorists were set free by the Greek authorities.

INCIDENT NO. 18 6 September 1970 Attempt to hijack El Al plane from Amsterdam to New York. Abortive, but 1 El Al steward wounded. Of the hijackers, 1 killed and Leila Khaled wounded.2 members of

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Leila Khaled freed after the Zerqa affair.

INCIDENT NO. 19 6 September 1970 3 planes (Pan-Am, TWA and Swissair) with a total of 400 passengers, hijacked on flights to New York from Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Zurich respectively. The TWA and Swissair planes forced to land at Zerqa in Jordan; the Pan-Am plane in Cairo. All three planes were blown up. Arab terrorists imprisoned in various countries set free. Members of PFLP. None was brought to justice. But 7 Arab terrorists imprisoned in Britain, West Germany and Switzerland were set free.

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