1,400 Rockets have hit Israel since Wednesday

From 1,400 Rockets Have Hit Israel Since Wednesday:

Prime Minister Olmert told the Israeli cabinet Sunday that since last Wednesday, 1,400 rockets have landed inside Israel. “

1,400 hits means 1,400 attempts to attack citizens of the State of Israel in their homes and places of work with unparalleled and bloodthirsty cruelty and brutality. We see here the gap between us when we act with exemplary caution and respect for the sanctity of life and human dignity – and the brutality that we see on their part.”

“It must be clear that Israel will not return to the status quo that prevailed before last Wednesday; this situation was intolerable from the outset.”

Olmert said that the Israel Defense Forces would not stop its current campaign until we can tell the Israeli people that the threat hanging over it has been removed.

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