13th Anniversary of the terrorist attack on the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires

Received by email:
Thirteen years ago, 18 July, at 9 A.M., a huge explosion rocked the city of Buenos Aires – the second murderous attack against Israeli and Jewish targets in Argentina. The attack was launched against the AMIA Jewish community center (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina). The target of the previous attack, two years earlier, was the Israeli embassy.

In the attack 13 years ago, the Jewish community center was completely destroyed. A total of 85 people lost their lives, and hundreds more were injured.

The pain and sorrow we feel combines with the difficult feeling that those responsible for the attack, as with the previous attack, have not yet been brought to justice. But while they may remain anonymous, responsibility for the attack is not anonymous at all. After years of enquiries, the Argentinian investigative magistrate has concluded that it is Iran who is responsible for the attacks and for dispatching the murderers.

The government of Argentina even appealed to Interpol to issue arrest warrants for several suspects, and this appeal was approved by the Interpol Executive Committee.

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