1 Year Anniversary of the Madrid Bombings

Folks, March 11th, 2005 is the one year anniversary of the horrific Madrid bombings. March 11, 2004, now holds its place in the history of infamy next to September 11, 2001, brought to you by Islam, the “religion of peace”.

“Religion of Peace”. What a bunch of crap.

Folks, you must remember what we are facing and why we were in Afghanistan and why we are in Iraq. Educate yourselves. Arm yourselves. Do research. Use this site to search historical events you are unclear about. Corroborate what you read here with other research sites. Start talking again about 9-11, and the people jumping to their deaths, the cracking bloody thud their bodies made as they hit the pavement and awnings and how you yourself felt that day. Talk about the Bali bombings, the first WTC attack, Lockerbie, Israel’s suffering, the El Al hijackings, Arafat’s bloody tyranny, how Saddam’s sons tortured thousands of people, how the Taliban blew up the Buddhist statues.

Talk about all that. And if someone you work with or meet blames all of these events on Israel, you ask them “Why are the arabs the only ones entitled to self-determination?”

They won’t be able to answer you.

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