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You are currently browsing the SMOOTH STONE posts tagged: Propaganda

The Empty Spaces in Gaza

By Alan M. Dershowitz and excerpts from Gatestone Institute:

How many times have you heard on television or read in the media that the Gaza Strip is “the most densely populated area in the world”? Repeating this statement, however, does not make it true. There are dense parts of Gaza, especially Gaza City, Beit Hanoun and Khan Younis, but there are far less dense areas in Gaza between these cities. Just look at Google Earth, or this population density map.

popCentersThe fact that these sparsely populated areas exist in the Gaza Strip raise several important moral questions: First, why don’t the media show the relatively open areas of the Gaza Strip? Why do they only show the densely populated cities? There are several possible reasons. There is no fighting going on in the sparsely populated areas, so showing them would be boring. But that’s precisely the point—to show areas from which Hamas could be firing rockets and building tunnels but has chosen not to. Or perhaps the reason the media doesn’t show these areas is that Hamas won’t let them. That too would be a story worth reporting.

Second, why doesn’t Hamas use sparsely populated areas from which to launch its rockets and build its tunnels? Were it to do so, Palestinian civilian casualties would decrease dramatically, but the casualty rate among Hamas terrorists would increase dramatically.


The law is clear: using civilians as human shields—which the Hamas battle manual mandates—is an absolute war crime. There are no exceptions or matters of degree, especially when there are alternatives. On the other hand, shooting at legitimate military targets, such as rockets and terror tunnels is permitted, unless the number of anticipated civilian casualties is disproportionate to the military importance of the target. This is a matter of degree and judgment, often difficult to calculate in the fog of war. The law is also clear that when a criminal takes a hostage and uses that hostage as a shield from behind whom to fire at civilians or police, and if the police fire back and kill the hostage, it is the criminal and not the policeman who is guilty of murder. So too with Hamas: when it uses human shields and the Israeli military fires back and kills some of the shields, it is Hamas who is responsible for their deaths.

The third moral question is why does the United Nations try to shelter Palestinian civilians right in the middle of the areas from which Hamas is firing? Hamas has decided not to use the less densely populated areas for rocket firing and tunnel digging. For that reason, the United Nations should use these sparsely populated areas as places of refuge. Since the Gaza Strip is relatively small, it would not be difficult to move civilians to these safer areas. They should declare these areas battle free and build temporary shelters—tents if necessary—as places of asylum for the residents of the crowded cities. It should prevent any Hamas fighters, any rockets and any tunnel builders from entering into these sanctuaries. In that way, Hamas would be denied the use of human shields and Israel would have no reason to fire its weapons anywhere near these United Nations sanctuaries. The net result would be a considerable saving of lives.

Media cover-up of Hamas Crimes Starting to Unravel

h/t Legal InsurrectionIsraelly Cool:

Italian journalist leaves Gaza, tells truth once free from Hamas retaliation

aerialPhotoYesterday one of the stories thrust into the mainstream media was nearly simultaneous explosions in a Palestinian neighborhood and at al-Shifa hospital.

The media immediately took the Hamas line that it was Israeli missiles. Later, the IDF stated that it had not fired on those locations, and that the explosions were misfired Hamas or Islamic Jihad missiles.

The media played it as he said, he said.

But an Italian journalist has just left Gaza and is telling the truth about what happened now that he needs not fear Hamas retaliation — Israel was right (h/t Israelly Cool):



Video: Woman Used As Human Shield in ‘70s: ‘Palestinians Have Perfected Propaganda War’

More empirical evidence that proves that Hamas and Arab propaganda manages to ‘sell’ until someone legitimate comes along to deconstruct their mendacity.  Via Fox News Insider As seen on The Kelly File:

Brigitte Gabriel, who was used as a human shield when she was a child, was on “The Kelly File” On July 30, 2014 to discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Gabriel said that between 1975 and 1976, she was used as a human shield in a bomb shelter.

“The Palestinians have perfected using children to win the world’s sympathy, and this goes back 30 years,” Gabriel said. “The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda war.”

Hamas Releases Cartoon about Captured Israeli Soldier

From AP via Daily Alert:

Hamas released an animated film Sunday bearing a grisly message for Israel: If it doesn’t meet the Islamic militant group’s demands, an Israeli soldier it has held for nearly four years could return home in a coffin.

The short but sophisticated cartoon – which depicts Sgt. Gilad Shalit’s aging father wandering empty streets with a picture of his son – is the latest product of Hamas’ growing media machine.

The video was intended to pressure Israelis to accept demands to trade Shalit for about 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

The father, Noam Shalit, called the film “psychological warfare.”


Palestinians Booby Trap Zoo, Blame Israel

Via LGF:

Hamas is trying to wring some sympathy out of the world’s animal lovers, with a propaganda video accusing the Israelis of targeting the Gaza Zoo for a heinous massacre:

It might be more believable if the IDF hadn’t already taken their own video, showing the same zoo wired up with explosives by Hamas:

UPDATE at 1/26/09 7:18:57 pm:

Here’s a look at what life was like for animals in the Gaza Zoo under Hamas’ tender loving care:

Gazan doctor says death toll inflated

A physician at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital tells an Italian newspaper that the number of dead in Israeli offensive ‘stands at no more than 500 or 600, most of them youths recruited to Hamas’ ranks’.  Via YnetNews:

What really is behind the numbers reported on the number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip? Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported Thursday that a doctor working in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital claimed that Hamas has intentionally inflated the number of casualties resulting from Israel’s Operation Cast Lead.

“The number of deceased stands at no more than 500 to 600. Most of them are youths between the ages of 17 to 23 who were recruited to the ranks of Hamas, who sent them to the slaughter,” according to the newspaper article.

The doctor wished to remain unidentified, out of fear for his life.

PA: ‘Hamas is staging Gaza blackouts’

Sweet justice it is when palestinian arabs can no longer deny who their REAL enemy is.  Via JPost:

“There’s no shortage of fuel in the Gaza Strip and the Electricity Company is continuing to function normally,” said a PA official. “Our people in the Gaza Strip have told us that the blackouts are all staged as part of the Hamas propaganda.”

Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah accused Hamas on Tuesday of staging the latest blackouts in the Gaza Strip in a bid to win sympathy and incite the Palestinian public against Israel and the PA.

The officials said that contrary to Hamas’s claim, there is no shortage of basic goods, medicine and fuel in the Gaza Strip, largely thanks to the many underground tunnels along the border with Egypt.

This is not the first time that Palestinians have accused Hamas of staging Gaza blackouts under the pretext that Israel had cut off fuel supplies to the district’s power grid.

Arab Columnists: The Economic Crisis – A Conspiracy by U.S. Government, American Jews

Of course it’s the joos fault.  We control everything.  Via MEMRI:

In recent articles, several Arab columnists wrote that the global economic crisis is the result of a conspiracy by the U.S. government, by American Jews, and/or by the Zionists. They claimed that the conspirators were aiming to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, to seize Arab wealth, and to take over the global economy – all as a means of increasing their influence in the world.

Following are excerpts from the articles:

Egyptian Parliamentary Foreign Liaison Committee Head: Economic Crisis “Part of Global Political Conspiracy”

Egyptian Parliamentary Foreign Liaison Committee head Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqqi wrote in the London daily Al-Hayat: “During the summer holidays, I was preoccupied with the global issue of the conspiracy theory. I examined everything that was happening around me in light of this theory, applying historical analysis to gain insight into events and opinions. [I was led to this] after scrutinizing, on a daily basis, the financial crisis that has shaken the American economy, impacting banks and markets, individuals and institutions, salaries and allowances…

“In my opinion, the current economic crisis, which is expected to get worse, is a new kind of conspiracy. It started in September, only seven years after the first [conspiracy, i.e. the September 11 attacks]. This time, the aim is to take over the property and capital of the Arabs, and to create a new climate of economic plundering in the wake of the political plundering. Such is the Western mentality – it excels at reaping what others have sown and at seizing anything that they have no right [to take]…

“The Bush administration was trained and impelled, by the American conservative right and by Jewish circles, to carry out this mission [in two stages] – at the beginning of [Bush’s] first term in office, and at the end of his second term in office. The aim is to achieve two major goals – a global political [goal] in 2001, and a global economic [goal] in 2008. There is no doubt that small nations, poor countries, and areas rich in natural resources – especially oil – are bearing the brunt [of the economic crisis]. I assert that the developments sanctioned by this American administration – which, in my opinion, is the worst in history – is the result of a hidden conspiracy, whose results are now evident and clear to every sensible person…

“There is a close connection between [the events of] September 2001 and [those of] September 2008, which are mutually complementary, in that political influence cannot be achieved without economic control. Accordingly, the current U.S. administration has placed both together in one bag, producing [a single] new phenomenon that has encompassed the entire world and has demonstrated that the end of the political cold war does not [necessarily] mean an end to the economic cold war…

“Let me only say that, in my opinion, it would be wrong to assume that the Jewish mind is not involved and implicated in these developments. I reiterate that the global economic crisis is part of the global political conspiracy…” [1]

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Iran Launches Book Mocking Holocaust Victims

Via Washington Post:

Iranian students released a book containing cartoons of the Holocaust in the presence of Education Minister Ali Reza Ali-Ahmadi, during annual demonstrations calling for the retreat of “Zionists” from “occupied Palestine.”

The cartoons show caricatured Jews with large, hooked noses trying to fabricate evidence for the Holocaust, while the text states that the Nazi massacre has been highly exaggerated, makes fun of testimonials from survivors and accuses present-day Jews of trying to make money from the Holocaust.

Hizbullah: Palestine Is Arab “From the Sea to the River”

The rhetoric, falsification of history and mendacity continue to eke out of Nasrallah, the puke funnel for Islamism and all things anti-Israel. From JPost:

“Palestine, from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, is the property of Arabs and Palestinians and no one has the right to give up even a single grain of earth or one stone, because every grain of the land is holy. The entire land must be returned to its rightful owners,” Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Friday in honor of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day.

He said Israel and the “Jewish lobby” ruled the world and influenced the U.S. and its allies, and that jihad was the only way for Muslims to achieve results.

“Our lands will be liberated, not by begging the U.S. or the West, but with will, determination, resistance and sacrifices,” Nasrallah said.