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Italian journalist leaves Gaza, tells truth once free from Hamas retaliation

aerialPhotoYesterday one of the stories thrust into the mainstream media was nearly simultaneous explosions in a Palestinian neighborhood and at al-Shifa hospital.

The media immediately took the Hamas line that it was Israeli missiles. Later, the IDF stated that it had not fired on those locations, and that the explosions were misfired Hamas or Islamic Jihad missiles.

The media played it as he said, he said.

But an Italian journalist has just left Gaza and is telling the truth about what happened now that he needs not fear Hamas retaliation — Israel was right (h/t Israelly Cool):



More empirical evidence that proves that Hamas and Arab propaganda manages to ‘sell’ until someone legitimate comes along to deconstruct their mendacity.  Via Fox News Insider As seen on The Kelly File:

Brigitte Gabriel, who was used as a human shield when she was a child, was on “The Kelly File” On July 30, 2014 to discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Gabriel said that between 1975 and 1976, she was used as a human shield in a bomb shelter.

“The Palestinians have perfected using children to win the world’s sympathy, and this goes back 30 years,” Gabriel said. “The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda war.”

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Yes, they sure are.  Here are the facts:

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are legal both under international law and the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. Claims to the contrary are mere attempts to distort the law for political purposes.

The various agreements reached between Israel and the Palestinians since 1993 contain no prohibitions on the building or expansion of settlements. As the Israeli claim to these territories is legally valid, it is just as legitimate for Israelis to build their communities as it is for the Palestinians to build theirs.

The Palestinians are demanding that every Jew leave the West Bank, a form of ethnic cleansing. By contrast, within Israel, Arabs and Jews live side-by-side; indeed, Israeli Arabs, who account for approximately 20% of Israel’s population, are citizens of Israel with equal rights.

The settlements are not intended to displace Arab inhabitants, nor do they do so in practice. According to independent surveys, the built-up areas of the settlements take up about 3% of the total territory of the West Bank.

The right of Jews to settle in all parts of the Land of Israel was first recognized by the international community in the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. The purpose of the Mandate was to facilitate the establishment of a Jewish national home in the Jewish people’s ancient homeland. Indeed, Article 6 of the Mandate provided for “close settlement by Jews on the land, including state lands not required for public use.”

Many present-day Israeli settlements have been established on sites that were home to Jewish communities in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) in previous generations, in an expression of the Jewish people’s deep historic and religious connection with the land. Many of the most ancient and holy Jewish sites, including the Cave of the Patriarchs (the burial site of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and Rachel’s Tomb, are located in these areas. Jewish communities, such as in Hebron (where Jews lived until they were massacred in 1929), existed throughout the centuries. Other communities, such as the Gush Etzion bloc in Judea, were founded before 1948 under the internationally endorsed British Mandate.

Read more about Israeli Settlements here.

Originally published on Smoothstoneblog on Jan 8, 2008.

With much appreciation to IsraelTruthWeek:

The world is misinformed about the strength and source of Israel’s legitimacy to the Land under international law.  Jewish people are owners, not occupiers, because of their land title deed.

Watch this video with Salomon Benzimra, co-founder of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights ( and author of The Jewish People’s Rights To The Land Of Israel

In this video, Benzimra clearly and eloquently explains the international law that led to the creation of the original two-state solution: the 1920 San Remo Resolution which was codified in the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine. He also briefly examines the claims by opponents of Israel that the Allied Powers had no authority or intent to create a Jewish home in Palestine.

Islamists like to censor all discussions of international law when it comes to the rights of the Jewish State of Israel.  A document issued on April 25, 2011, by WAFA, the official press agency of the Palestinian Authority, claims that “[San Remo] is the root of all Palestinian catastrophes and sufferings,” and it bashes the San Remo Resolution as the work of “Zionist gangs.”

Well, let’s see about that.

Thanks to Salomon Benzimra, a Jewish hero, and Rachel Neuwirth for contributions to this article via UnitedWithIsrael and ThinkIsrael.

According to international law, Israel has full right to try to populate the entire Land of Israel with dense Jewish settlement, and thus actualize the principles set by the League of Nations in the original Mandate Charter of San Remo in 1920.  The mandate’s introduction clearly identifies it as being “based on the international recognition of the historic ties between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.”

The supporting data that constitute the founding documents of the Jewish Nation in Palestine includes:

  • The Balfour Declaration (1917): The British government favored the creation of a “Jewish national home” in Palestine.
  • The Covenant of the League of Nations (1919, with later amendments), as part of the Treaty of Versailles following WWI and the dismemberment of the Ottoman and other empires: Article 22 of the Covenant recognized the existence of “peoples not yet able to stand by themselves”, and established “the principle that the well-being and development of such peoples form a sacred trust of civilization.” It further states that “tutelage of such peoples should be entrusted to advanced nations — who are willing to accept it, and that this tutelage should be exercised by them as Mandatories on behalf of the League.”
  • The San Remo Resolution (April 1920) included Palestine in the Mandatory system and incorporated the provisions of the Balfour Declaration, thus recognizing Palestine as a “Jewish national home” with the imprimatur of the international community. This was later spelled out in Article 95 of the Treaty of Sèvres (August 1920). Even though Turkey did not ratify the Treaty of Sèvres, Article 95 maintains its specific validity in international law.
  • The Franco-British Boundary Convention (December 1920) established the northern boundaries between Palestine and Syria-Lebanon, thus officially rectifying the previous Sykes-Picot secret agreement of 1916.
  • The Mandate for Palestine (July 1922) was officially conferred to Britain as the Mandatory Power. The preamble of this document declares that “recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” This Mandate, approved by 52 states, unambiguously assigns Palestine to the Jews and “encourage[s] … close settlement by Jews, on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes” (Article 6). In what could be seen as a violation of previous agreements, the British carved the exclusively Arab Emirate of Transjordan out of Palestine and inserted Article 25, thus “postpon[ing] or withhold[ing] application of such provisions of this mandate” as they applied to the Palestine portion located to the east of the Jordan River.
  • The Anglo-American Convention (December 1924) further strengthened the international position with regard to Palestine, as established by the community of nations, and recognized Britain as the Mandatory Power. It can be argued that the American government later failed in its obligations to uphold the provisions of the Mandate by not opposing the several British White Papers issued in the 1930s which limited the immigration of Jews to Palestine, in violation of Britain’s Mandatory commitments.
  • The United Nations Charter (1945): Article 80 is quite clear in maintaining the national rights acquired through a Mandate voted by the then defunct League of Nations. Thus, the national rights of the Jewish people to “Palestine” have not been abrogated to this day.

One mustn’t confuse International Law with UN Resolutions, which are just recommendations and are not binding.

The last legally binding document to be adopted regarding the areas of Israel in question remains the 1920 San Remo resolution, which deeds full sovereignty to the Jewish people.

This resolution, consisting of the Balfour Declaration and Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, is the basic document upon which the Mandate for Palestine was constructed. The San Remo Resolution concerning Palestine and the Jewish National Home was adopted at the San Remo Peace Conference on April 25, 1920 by the four Principal Allied Powers of World War I who were represented by the Prime Ministers of Britain (David Lloyd George), France (Alexandre Millerand) and Italy (Francesco Nitti) and by the Ambassador of Japan (K. Matsui).

The Resolution was a binding agreement between these Powers to reconstitute the ancient Jewish State within its historic borders “from Dan to Beersheba”, an agreement that was incorporated into the Treaty of Sevres and the Mandate for Palestine.

Salomon Benzimra says:

Ninety­-four years ago, on April 25, 1920, the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers (Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the US as an observer) gathered in San Remo, Italy, and ruled on the disposition of the Middle East territories previously held by the defeated Ottoman Empire. They first listened to the claims of both the Zionist Organization [later renamed the World Zionist Organization], headed by Chaim Weizmann, and the Arab Delegation, headed by Emir Faisal, at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

The San Remo Conference was a momentous event in that it drafted the map of the Middle East as we know it today: Over 97% of the land was adjudicated to the Arabs, which resulted in the creation of the new, exclusively Arab states of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and, later, Jordan. The geographic region known as Palestine was designated as the Jewish National Home, to be reconstituted there in consideration of the historical connection of the Jewish people to the land.

National rights were exclusively granted to the Jewish people collectively, while the non-Jewish people of Palestine were granted individual civil and religious rights.

These were the terms used in the San Remo Resolution, which were later confirmed in the Mandate for Palestine (1922) and approved by the 52 members of the League of Nations in order to highlight the preexisting rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, hitherto known as Palestine since Roman times. These documents, and the ensuing Franco-British and Anglo-American treaties that were separately signed in the early 1920s, are based on the Mandates System stipulated in the Covenant of the League of Nations and are therefore binding to this day under international law.

The acquired rights of the Jewish people to the land west of the Jordan River are preserved in the UN Charter and in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, even though the Mandate for Palestine expired in 1948 when the State of Israel was proclaimed.

The usual detractors of Israel regularly ignore, dismiss or strongly reject the validity of the provisions listed above. But their arguments ring hollow.

They claim that the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers had no authority to create a new political entity in Palestine. They forget that in the wake of World War One, the same Supreme Council created new countries in Europe (Yugoslavia, Hungary, the Baltic States and a reborn Poland) on the ashes of the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

They also claim that a Jewish home in Palestine was not intended to include all of Palestine. Had they read the full text of the Mandate for Palestine, they would find 15 instances of the phrase “in Palestine” – which leaves no doubt as to the inclusion of the entire territory.

These same detractors claim that the purpose of the “Jewish National Home” mentioned in the Mandate was not meant to lead to a sovereign Jewish state. Here again, they are most selective in their singling out of Israel; not only were all the neighboring Arab states created through the same Mandates System, but Mandated territories in far less developed areas in Africa and elsewhere also became sovereign states in the second half of the 20th century. Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Namibia, Papua New Guinea and Samoa are a few examples.


But among all Israel’s detractors, the Palestinian Authority has demonstrated a particular animosity towards San Remo. A document issued on April 25, 2011, by WAFA, the official press agency of the Palestinian Authority, claims that “[San Remo] is the root of all Palestinian catastrophes and sufferings,” and it bashes the San Remo Resolution as the work of “Zionist gangs.”

Now is the time to give precedence to factual evidence over biased opinion. On this 94th anniversary, we should remember that territorial claims on Palestine were finally settled at the San Remo Conference.

Q: What culture sees attacking five-year old children as part of their civil code and anything but criminal and barbaric?

A: The Islamic culture.

Via JewishPress:

Young Jewish kindergarten children traveling on the bus Sunday afternoon from the Antwerp Hayder school on their bus were attacked Sunday by a gang of Muslim teenagers, according to Jewish media in Belgium.

According to a security source quoted by the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (CFCA), the children were returning from a swimming pool at the time of the attack. The driver stopped the bus and realized that the Muslim attackers were youths who lived near the swimming pool.

The Itamar Massacre of the Fogel Family

In March 2011, in Itamar, Israel, a Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in Itamar in the West Bank in what Israeli officials said was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home.  Udi Fogel, 36, Ruth Fogel, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month-old Hadas were stabbed to death in what is now known as the Itamar Massacre. The three orphaned siblings who survived the attack are Tamar, 12, Roi, 8, and two-year-old Yishai and are staying with their grandparents.

So, the next time Muslim hypocrites chant at protests that Jews are “baby killers”, point them to the Muslim Baby Killers series here on

Don’t for once think that the blood of a Jewish child is cheaper than the blood of a palestinian’s.

This is what the Muslim blood fest of the Fogel family looked like, h/t Debbie Schlussel:


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Israel is engaged in an ongoing armed conflict with Hamas, a terrorist organization which violently seized de facto control of the Gaza Strip in 2007. Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist groups have launched more than ten thousand rockets at Israeli cities and towns. Israel has imposed a maritime blockade on the Hamas regime in order to prevent it from building up its military capabilities, smuggling terrorists and weapons and staging attacks from the sea.

1. A maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza. Such blockade has been imposed, as Israel is currently in a state of armed conflict with the Hamas regime that controls Gaza, which has repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Israel with weapons that have been  smuggled into Gaza via the sea.

2. Maritime blockades are a legitimate and recognized measure under international law that may be implemented as part of an armed conflict at sea.

3. A  blockade may be imposed at sea, including in international waters, so long as it does not bar access to the ports and coasts of neutral states.

4. The naval manuals of several western countries, including the US and England recognize the maritime blockade as an effective naval measure and set forth the various criteria that make a blockade valid, including the requirement of give due notice of the existence of the blockade.

5. In this vein, it should be noted that Israel publicized the existence of the blockade and the precise coordinates of such by means of the accepted international professional maritime channels. Israel also provided appropriate notification to the affected governments and to the organizers of the Gaza protest flotilla.  Moreover, in real time, the ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned repeatedly that a maritime blockade is in effect.

6. Here, it should be noted that under customary law, knowledge of the blockade may be presumed once a blockade has been declared and appropriate notification has been granted, as above.

7. Under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no boats can enter the blockaded area.  That includes both civilian and enemy vessels.

8. A state may take action to enforce a blockade. Any vessel that violates or attempts to violate a maritime blockade may be captured or even attacked under international law. The US Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations sets forth that a vessel is considered to be in attempt to breach a blockade from the time the vessel leaves its port with the intention of evading the blockade.

9. Here we should note that the protesters indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade by means of written and oral statements. Moreover, the route of these vessels indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade in violation of international law.

10. Given the protesters explicit intention to violate the naval blockade, Israel exercised its right under international law to enforce the blockade. It should be noted that prior to undertaking enforcement measures, explicit warnings were  relayed directly to the captains of the vessels, expressing Israel’s intent to exercise its right to enforce the blockade.

11. Israel had attempted to take control of the vessels participating in the flotilla by peaceful means and in an orderly fashion in order to enforce the blockade. Given the large number of vessels participating in the flotilla, an operational decision was made to undertake measures to enforce the blockade a certain distance from the area of the blockade.

12. Israeli personnel attempting to enforce the blockade were met with violence by the protesters and acted in self defense to fend off such attacks.

Read more at IMFA.


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Below is an incomplete list of the contributions to world terror committed by Muslims and/or in the name of Islam in the last six decades:

- attack on the World Trade Center killing 3000+ people, September 11, 2001
- conspiracy with Nazi Germany against the U.S. and the Allies in WW2
- American hostage crisis in Iran – 1979 – hostages were detained for 444 days
- bombing of U.S. embassies in Beirut, Kenya, Tanzania, killing hundreds.
- killing of American diplomats in cold blood
- terror attacks against European airports (Rome & Vienna)- dozens killed
- terror hijacking of civilian airplanes – most famous is Air France – Entebbe
- terror hijacking of cruise ships – most famous – Achille Lauro – in which an elderly man in a wheelchair, Leon Klinghoffer, was thrown overboard
- Munich Olympics 1972 – entire Israeli Sports team brutally massacred
- Lockerbie plane – Pan Am civilian airline downed by Muslim terrorists killing hundreds on board, mostly American.
- bombing of USS Cole in Yemen
- bombing World Trade Center in NYC by Muslim terrorists – 1993
- conspiracy to bomb NYC bridges and tunnels and other NY landmarks and infrastructure; 1993
- desecration and destruction of ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish Holy sites by Muslim governments who sponsor global terrorism
- six wars waged on Israel and instigated by Arabs
- barbaric acts committed on Israeli soldiers – ripping out of their heart and intestines with bare hands and paraded in the streets of Ramallah
- barbaric acts committed on American and Israeli children: savage stoning beyond recognition of two 12-year old boys who were hiking, targeting babies in strollers by Arab snipers.
- dumping poisonous sewage from West Bank and Gaza into Israel
- burning American and Israeli flags
- incitement of their populations by Muslim clerics to kill Americans, British, and Jews the world over.
- arrest of hundreds of Christians in Syria
- attacks on U.S. soldiers in Somalia – 1993
- bombing U.S. personnel in Saudi Arabia – 1995, 1996
- bombing U.S. soldiers in Yemen – 1992
- hundreds of suicide bombings in Israel – killing and maiming civilians
- thousands of attempted suicide bombings in Israel
- synagogue bombing in Istanbul
- hijacking of Pan Am #73 in Karachi
- kidnapping and beheading of Westerners in Phillipines & Malaysia
- armed attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt
- arrest, detention, and execution threats against Christians in Afghanistan
- execution of Hindus in Afghanistan, Hindus forced to wear I.D. tag
- murder of 58 Western tourists in Luxor, Egypt, 1997
- kidnapping and murder of journalists and foreign nationals – Algeria 1992
- planned attack against U.S. Embassy in Albania – thwarted.
- bombing of Orly Airport in Paris – 8 killed, 55 seriously wounded
- bombing of Israeli Embassy in Argentina – 1992
- bombing of Jewish Cultural Center – Buenos Aires- 1994- hundreds killed
- public floggings, mutilations, torture, beheadings, executions of inhabitants in Muslim countries.
- denial of freedom of dress, speech, press, and other basic human rights to inhabitants of Mulsim countries.
- mass murders of Afghans and Hindus by Islamic Taliban
- armed attacks on Sudanese Christians
- Sudanese slavery
- execution of civilians without proper representation (Muslim and non-Muslim)
- exclusion of women from all parts of society – mutilation, torture, honor killings. Women forced to beg in streets, not allowed to speak, or to wear make-up, go to beauty parlor, show public affection to spouses for penalty of Death.
- child soldiers in Sudan, PLO, Muslim African countries.
- establishment of Islamic states where non Muslims are unwelcome and massacred, basic freedoms denied to the inhabitants, women are excluded from society, executions, torture, beheadings, and genocide are a daily ritual – Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan among others
- homicide bombing in two Turkish synagogues while Jews were praying and celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, killing more than 20 people

It was difficult trying to come up with positive contributions. But we did remember some word origins:
- the word hashish, and the word assassin.

At first glance, one would be hard-pressed to find a link between pleasure and the acts of assassins. Such was not the case, however, with those who gave us the word assassin. They were members of a secret Islamic order originating in the 11th century who believed it was a religious duty to harass and murder their enemies. The most important members of the order were those who actually did the killing. Having been promised paradise in return for dying in action, the killers, it is said, were made to yearn for paradise by being given a life of pleasure that included the use of hashish. From this came the name for the secret order as a whole, as “hashish users”. After passing through French or Italian, the word came into English and is recorded in 1603 with reference to the Muslim Assassins.


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