A “Pig” Incident in Jerusalem

Via Daniel Pipes:

Did you know, as most non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem can attest, groups of screaming Muslim female banshees accost Jews, yelling Allahu akbar and other Islamic slogans, making for a highly unpleasant experience. They are called the Murabitat, or the Steadfast, and are funded by an Islamist organization.

Click here to learn about the perpetual harassment of Jews by Muslims and what led a Jewish woman irritated at being perpetually targetted to shout “Muhammad khanzeer,” Arabic for “Muhammad is a pig”.

Palestinian Arabs don’t deserve their own state

Folks, it is no secret that Palestinians will demand that Israel dismantle and evacuate every single Jewish community built since 1967 on lands owned by no one, where not a single soul was dispossessed.

If Jerusalem is split in two, which side will get the Temple Mount?

To those of us who know better, a Palestinian state is, in reality, an appeasement to cede land to barbarians who have fabricated a history, a culture, and a society in order to institute a kleptocracy.

The Jew’s roots are in Israel, in the archaelogy, the language, the currency, the rocks and in the words of the Bible. There was never a nation called Palestine, it was merely a region, just like Siberia is a region today. There were never borders, currency, or even a Palestinian language. To offer murderers a state just to quell their murderous rage is an intolerable solution.

The Palestinian Arabs were offered a partition of ample land in 1948. In fact they were offered 78% more land than the Britains offered the Palestinian Jews. The difference is the Jews accepted the partition and the Arabs didn’t. Why? Because the Arabs hated non-Arabs and their hatred goes back more than 100 years. Arabs murdered 67 Jews while they were praying in their synagogue in the JewishHoly City of Hebron in 1929. Why did that happen? Why were Jews killed in 1929 while they were praying? There was no “occupation” then.

See, the onus is not on Israel or Israelis to have to provide a solution to this conflict. The Jews can only defend themselves. In spite of the skill of Hanan Ashwari’s rhetoric and propaganda, Arafat and other Arab mass murderers to convince others of alleged Palestinian victimhood, Israelis, Jews and Christians everywhere in the Middle East are the real victims of Arab hatred and xenophobia.

The fact of the matter is that Jews and Christians threaten the tradition of Arabian ethnocentrism. We remind them that they are not superior. Palestinians will never accept Israel as a legitimate nation. Western liberal democracies are blind. They are, unfortunately, willing to accommodate the Palestinians and the pan-Arabian nation even tho Arabs are exploiting the tolerance of democratic societies.

Look at what is happening in Europe. Europe has opened the doors to Muslims and now Muslims are demanding Sharia- obedience to Muslim law and not to their host nation’s law. Europe is now the object of Islam’s long-term plan to subvert and destroy. The conflict in the world today is a conflict between belief and unbelief. The war between Israel and Palestinians, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Algeria, in Chechnya, and in the Philippines, is the same war.

This is Islam’s aim at its core – the eradication of all opposing thought and the establishment of Islam’s world wide domination. Islam is hell bent on the destruction of the Judeo-Christian world and Christians, too, are their prime targets. Yes, it seems the focal point of the Islamist is Israel but the ultimate target is to eradicate all non-Muslims. Israel is not at war with Palestinians. Instead, Islam is at war with the rest of the world. The goal of a Palestinian state is to supplant Israel, not to live side by side with it.

The goal of the Palestinian people should be to prevent themselves from being led by rulers who are tyrants, by rulers who terrorize, by tribal leaders who intimidate, and by Muslim warlords who repress. But one thing is certain: there are no leaders without followers.

There will be no solution to Muslim terror until Islam reforms and models itself upon human standards of civilization. Beyond that, non-Muslims will either kill the Muslim enemy or continue to be killed by them. Until then, we must say no to a Palestinian Muslim theocracy-kleptocracy.

Video: Palestinians Lynching Striped Hyena – Warning Graphic Content

What happened when Palestinians found a rare, striped hyena? Why, they beat it to death, of course:

Warning, Graphic:


Obama’s Accomplishments


NYT tries to promote anti-Netanyahu talking point that Israel blindsided Obama but…

The New York Times tries to promote anti-Netanyahu talking point that Israel blindsided Obama.

They got just one tiny detail wrong.


— Omri Ceren (@cerenomri) January 30, 2015

Democrats Who Will Not Be Attending Netanyahu’s Speech

These 34 Democrat Jew-hating slugs are boycotting Netanyahu’s speech. They need to be boycotted in return.  Please note in particular Luis Gutierrez, Steve Cohen,  and Charles Rangel.  Source: CNN



Je Suis Charles Martel

No longer should we be saying “Je suis Charlie Hebdo,” but Je suis Charles Martel.

Via Shoebat.com:

A good follower of ours, named Rico, courteously sent us this photo after this article was written, and needs to be the banner and motto of the new movement calling for the restoration of Christendom:


Charles Martel was the valiant and glorious Christian warrior who defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Tours in the Middle Ages. He fought the Muslims and repulsed them when they were trying to destroy the wonderful Basilica of St Denis. He saved and protected the basilica, and ultimately all of Christendom.

If we identify ourselves with the heroes of Christendom, then no longer will this be a secular debate that can shift and change depending on the opinion of the government or the society, but an eternal and cosmic battle with a divine foundation, the Lord Almighty Who said, “I am the Lord, I change not” (Malachi 3:6).

It is when we unify ourselves with God and His holy war against the devil, that no longer we will change and squirm, or runaway from our enemies, but stand our ground, firm and impenetrable, zealously following the words of St. Peter, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

In earliest days of Christianity, the Christians desired “that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.” (Acts 5:15) This fact shows the preeminence of St. Peter in the Church, and how the Christians placed themselves under the authority of St. Peter. My only hope is to see Christian nations once again desire to touch that very shadow of St. Peter.

It is when this zeal will be revived that the nations that once were Christian will against bring themselves back into the fold of Christendom and defend Christians from the slaughter, as oppose to going crazy over some God hating journalists.

Muslims in the country of Niger burned down 61 Christian churches just within the weekend. Where are the idiots who were holding up pens in France, gathering together to hold up their silly pens for these poor Christians who were killed and whose churches were destroyed?

I did a whole video on this horrific story that most people have ignored:

From the report on this story:

Picture this: You go to church one Sunday. You worship God, hear an inspiring message, pray, talk to friends and then you leave, hoping to return the following week. Unfortunately, when you return, your church has been burned to the ground by protesters.

That’s exactly what happened to 61 churches in Niger over the weekend, says missionary Neal Childs who’s working there. “Last week, churches all across the nation went on without any idea that churches would be burned.”

The world wants us to accept this trend of “Je suis Charlie Hebdo (I am Charlie Hebdo).” But why are we identifying ourselves with reprobates who are haters of God? We need to identify ourselves with the heroes of Christendom. We should be declaring, not Je suis Charlie Hebdo, but Je suis Charles Martel, the great Christian warrior who defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Tours.

Video: Al-Quds University Produces Video Promoting Murder of Jews

Via PalestinianMediaWatch:

Hamas’ Islamic Block at Al-Quds University has produced a video promoting the murder of Jews. The video is an enactment of the murder of two Jews wearing prayer shawls. One is stabbed to death and the other shot by masked fighters.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Abbas’ PA and Fatah have publicly glorified the murderers who recently slaughtered rabbis in a Jerusalem synagogue. Even Abbas’ advisor posted on his Facebook page “pictures from the scene of the heroic operation,” showing the dead bodies.

The song in the video encourages Palestinians to “open fire, have no mercy,” and “shoot the Zionists!”

Information Video: History in a Nutshell

Visual Information about the Middle East Conflict. h/t to Concept Wizard. Please watch and share:


PLO was Recognized by the UN Just Six Months after the 1974 Ma’alot Massacre

Did you know that just six months after the Ma’alot Massacre, the United Nations General Assembly voted to accept the Palestine Liberation Organisation as a legal entity to participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly on the “question of palestine”?

Click here to read UN General Assembly Resolution 3210.

Just six months after muslims in the DFLP, in a two-day hostage-taking of 115 people which ended in the deaths of over 25 hostages, including 22 Jewish schoolchildren.

Six months.