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You are currently browsing the archives for the Islamic war machine category

Abbas Admits For the First Time That He Turned Down Peace Offer in 2008

Here is the proof that palestinians always walked away from Israel’s peace offer.  The Palestinian national movement, from its inception, has rejected a two-state solution.  The Palestinian leadership rejected the 1937 and 1947 partition plans (and the Begin-Sadat “autonomy plan” of 1978, which would have led to a two-state solution), and insisted that the Jews had no right to even an inch of Palestine. And the Palestinian government of today, led by the popularly elected Hamas, continues to espouse this uncompromising, anti-partitionist one-state position.

The truth always comes out.

Via TheTower:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has publicly confirmed for the first time that he turned down a peace offer in 2008 that would have provided for an independent Palestinian state containing all of the Gaza Strip, much of the West Bank (with land swaps), and a tunnel connecting the two areas.

Abbas made his comments in an interview on Israel’s Channel 10, which has been broadcasting a three-part series on the peace talks of 2000 and 2008. According to both Abbas and Ehud Olmert, Israel’s Prime Minister in 2008, Olmert presented Abbas in September of that year with a map that delineated the borders of the future State of Palestine. Abbas said that he “rejected it out of hand” because he claimed not to be an expert on maps, and because Olmert’s domestic scandals meant that he would shortly leave office (Olmert was later convicted of corruption). While both Olmert and other Palestinian leaders have previously said that Abbas turned down a peace proposal, this is the first time that the Palestinian Authority president has admitted as such.

At 24:05 of the video, Channel 10 reporter Raviv Drucker asked Abbas: “In the map that Olmert presented you, Israel would annex 6.3 percent [of the West Bank] and compensate the Palestinians with 5.8 percent [taken from pre-1967 Israel]. What did you propose in return?”

“I did not agree,” Abbas replied. “I rejected it out of hand.”

A “Pig” Incident in Jerusalem

Via Daniel Pipes:

Did you know, as most non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem can attest, groups of screaming Muslim female banshees accost Jews, yelling Allahu akbar and other Islamic slogans, making for a highly unpleasant experience. They are called the Murabitat, or the Steadfast, and are funded by an Islamist organization.

Click here to learn about the perpetual harassment of Jews by Muslims and what led a Jewish woman irritated at being perpetually targetted to shout “Muhammad khanzeer,” Arabic for “Muhammad is a pig”.

PLO was Recognized by the UN Just Six Months after the 1974 Ma’alot Massacre

Did you know that just six months after the Ma’alot Massacre, the United Nations General Assembly voted to accept the Palestine Liberation Organisation as a legal entity to participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly on the “question of palestine”?

Click here to read UN General Assembly Resolution 3210.

Just six months after muslims in the DFLP, in a two-day hostage-taking of 115 people which ended in the deaths of over 25 hostages, including 22 Jewish schoolchildren.

Six months.

Paris Terrorists Were on U.S. “No Fly” List

Via AP:

Both Kouachi brothers – the Paris-born offspring of Algerian parents – were known to American and French counterterrorism authorities. A senior U.S. counterterrorism official said Thursday both brothers had been put on the U.S. no fly list.

France: Paris Terrorist Trained with Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Via DailyAlert, and viaCNN:

The U.S. was told by the French intelligence agency that Said Kouachi, one of the Paris terrorists, traveled to Yemen in 2011 and received a variety of weapons training from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). In addition, a French source said one of the brothers traveled to Syria during the past year. Also, Cherif Kouachi attempted at one point to join jihadists waging war in Iraq against the U.S. and the coalition.

Resolution for Palestinian State Fails in UN Security Council

Via NY Times:

A UN Security Council draft resolution that set a deadline to establish a sovereign Palestinian state was defeated Tuesday after it failed to receive the nine votes needed for adoption. The U.S. and Australia voted against the measure. France, China and Russia were among the eight countries that voted for it. Britain and four other nations abstained. Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the UN, said the resolution was “deeply imbalanced,” setting deadlines that did not adequately take account of Israel’s security needs. “Today’s staged confrontation in the UN Security Council will not bring the parties closer to achieving a two-state solution,” she said. “This resolution sets the stage for more division, not for compromise.” Secretary of State John Kerry worked to line up enough abstentions from American allies like South Korea and Rwanda so that the U.S. would not have to wield its veto. Kerry called more than a dozen senior foreign officials including Goodluck Jonathan, the president of Nigeria, which abstained.

There Can Be No Justification for this Cold-Blooded Murder in Jerusalem

Via The Telegraph:

“By any standard, the brutal murder of one British and three American worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue by a pair of axe-wielding Palestinians was a grotesque act of terrorism. But rather than issuing an unequivocal denunciation of the murders, Baroness Warsi, the former Foreign Office minister, sought instead to draw a parallel between this wanton act of brutality and recent protests at the al-Aqsa mosque.

Baroness Warsi was no doubt hoping to reassert her anti-Israel credentials. Fortunately, she is no longer responsible for representing Britain’s interests overseas, having resigned her post in August in protest at the Coalition’s policy on Gaza. In retrospect, this was a wise decision. Had she still been in office when she made her ill-judged comments, she would undoubtedly now be packing her bags.”

The Islamic State Is Raising an Army of Child Soldiers

Via ForeignPolicy:

“They stand in the front row at public beheadings and crucifixions in Raqqa, the Islamic State’s stronghold in Syria.

They’re used for blood transfusions when Islamic State fighters are injured.

They are paid to inform on people who are disloyal or speak out against the Islamic State.

They are trained to become suicide bombers.

They are children as young as 6 years old, and they are being transformed into the Islamic State’s soldiers of the future.

The Islamic State has put in place a far-reaching and well-organized system for recruiting children, indoctrinating them with the group’s extremist beliefs, and then teaching them rudimentary fighting skills.

The militants are preparing for a long war against the West, and hope the young warriors being trained today will still be fighting years from now.”

Hamas TV: Dress up like Jews to execute suicide bombings

More empirical evidence that proves that Hamas is lethally militaristic and institutionalizes homicide. Via PalWatch:

Hamas TV: Dress up like Jews
to execute suicide bombings 

PA TV: “She wraps her waist
with dynamite and explodes…

It is neither death… nor suicide…

It is Gaza’s way to declare its right to life.”

by Itamar Marcus

During the Gaza war, Hamas repeatedly broadcast a video promoting suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. The Hamas video shows a terrorist putting on a suicide belt and dressing up as a stereotypical, bearded Orthodox Jewish civilian, who is then sent to commit a suicide bombing.

Hamas Ultra orthodox suicide bomber 090714_1 Hamas Ultra orthodox suicide bomber 090714_2 Hamas Ultra orthodox suicide bomber 090714_3 Hamas Ultra orthodox suicide bomber 090714_4

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), 3 times: July 9, 27, and 30, 2014]


PA TV likewise broadcast a video during the war which could also be interpreted as encouraging suicide bombing. The video was based on a poem written by Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian national poet. While some literature analysts say the deeper meaning of the poem is a critique on suicide bombings, the words PA TV chose to include in its video clip seem to present suicide bombing positively – literally as an expression of life:


“She wraps her waist with dynamite

and explodes… It is neither death… nor suicide…

It is Gaza’s way to declare its right to life.”


The video demonizes Israel as an enemy targeting women and children and concludes that suicide terror will go on:

“She shall continue to explode. It is neither death nor suicide.”

This is in addition to Fatah’s explicit calls to launch missiles towards Israel, as reported by Palestinian Media Watch.

The following is from the text of the PA TV clip:

“She [Gaza] wraps her waist with mines and explodes,
It is neither death nor suicide.
It is Gaza’s way to declare its right to life
She scratched the enemy’s face
And repelled them from satisfaction with time, 

because time in Gaza is something else 

In Gaza the enemy could be victorious
The high sea could be victorious on an island.
They may cut down all her trees; they may break her bones
They could plant tanks in her children’s chests and women’s bellies and throw her into the sea, sand or blood
But she will never repeat the lies or say “yes” to the invaders; 

she will continue to explode
It is neither death nor suicide.
It is Gaza’s way to declare its right to life.”

[Excerpt from “Silence for Gaza” by Mahmoud Darwish,
Trans. Adib S. Kawar, Tlaxcala, Official PA TV, July 17, 2014]

Palestinian Minister says Israel conducts medical experiments on prisoners

LOL.  Via HumanRightsVoices:

Palestinian Minister Says Israel Conducts Medical Experiments on Prisoners

Issa Qaraqe, Palestinian Minister for Prisoners Affairs, speaks at the “UN Roundtable on Legal Aspects of the Question of Palestine” at the UN Office in Geneva

Issa Qaraqe, Palestinian Minister for Prisoners’ Affairs represented the Palestinian Authority. His slanderous comments accused Israel of torturing and raping little children and subjecting Palestinian detainees to medical experiments. Violence, he declared, was the Palestinian right and intention. Here are some of his words (UN translator, original in Arabic):

    “I convey the greetings of families and prisoners in Israeli prisons and camps…. Israeli authorities since 1967 have detained …children, women, sick people, and disabled…UN resolutions have confirmed the right and legality of resistance of people … and supported national liberation movements to liberate from foreign occupation and control… Israel committed …war crimes and crimes against humanity against these prisoners… Israel …is using cruel and barbaric methods of torture, including on children from the moment of detention. Detention is done under the pretext of the fight against terrorism… The youngest child was only 8 years old… Some of them are subjected to sexual assaults… Thousands of medical experiments are conducted by Israeli pharmaceuticals against Palestinian detainees… The Israeli court system is inherently unjust.”

When he finished the Chairman of the UN Committee Diallo thanked him “for representing state of Palestine during this meeting.”

Thereafter the UN closed the meeting to members of the public. The discussions of the roundtable, with the exception of the opening and closing sessions, are open only to members of the Committee and the UN staff which services their obscene activities.