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Jews around the world who support Obama better wake up

Obama is anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. Both his father and step-father were Muslim. In four years since Obama has been president, he never visited Israel. However, in those same years he made trips to Indonesia, Afghanistan,Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. He hired Valerie Jarrett whose father hated living on the US so he moved to Iran, where Valerie was born. He hired Cass Sunstein who is married to Samantha Power. Samantha Power does not believe that Israel has a right as a legitimate and sovereign nation to defend her citizens against katyusha rockets that are being launched over an international border into Israel’s sovereign land. Cass Sunstein is a radical Harvard law professor and supporter of the Fairness Doctrine for the Internet who believes that there should be censorship on the internet if it has no value to the government. I can go on and on about Obama. Forget about his bowing to Mideast dictators. American presidents don’t bow to other heads of state. Forget about his apologies to Europe about America’s largesse. Forget about how the first speech he gave was to Muslims. Yet Jews think he is wonderful. Any Jew, American or Israeli, who supports Obama, should be kicked around the block. The stupidity and ignorance of such support is akin to the rabid love Germans had for Hitler, which was all based on Hitler’s charisma. No one ever looked at Hitler’s choices or his soul. Jews need to wake up because Obama is going to lead Israel to her slaughter.


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