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Samantha Power is back

The messiah-elect fraud, Barack Hussein Obama, has just re-hired Samantha Power.  This act of rehiring Power should give us more insight into the foreign-policy objectives of Barack Hussein Obama, who had Samantha Power as an adviser from 2005 until she referred to Hillary Clinton as a “monster” in March of this year.

Samatha Power doesn’t just loathe Hilary Clinton, she loathes Israeli Jews as well.

The messiah-elect got rid of Power so that he wouldn’t lose the Jewish vote.

Now that he got the Jewish vote, she’s back in.

State Department officials said Friday that Samantha Power is among a group of foreign policy experts that the president-elect’s office selected to help the incoming administration prepare for Clinton’s anticipated nomination as secretary of state. The Obama transition team’s Web site includes Power’s name as one of 14 members of the “Agency Review Team” for the State Department.

Samantha Power hates the Jews. Power wants to spend billions on bolstering Palestinian military strength, instead of spending it on helping the Israelis to defend themselves.

I am thoroughly convinced that Barack Hussein Obama was brought in to destroy Israel.

To all Jews who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, may the blood of your brethren be on your conscience for the rest of your lives.

Below is an interview with Samantha Power. This interview took place about seven months after 9/11, when people were not afraid to cite with empirical evidence how dangerous radical Islamist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda were.

Listen and hear Samantha Power state that she wanted to send Muslim terrorists money and stop funding Israeli efforts to defend her innocent citizens against terrorist attacks.

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