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Connecting the dots between ACORN, Obama and Voter Fraud

While Obama’s Acorn connection has not gone unreported in the blogosphere, its not easy to understand.  This post was written to help you – The Voter – vote righteously. We would all love to vote for the first black man to become the President of the United States, but Barack Hussein Obama is the wrong black man.

Let’s start with some basics.

What is voter fraud?

Voter fraud is the illegal interference with an election process. Acts of fraud involve affecting vote counts to bring about a particular election outcome by increasing the vote share of one favored candidate and decreasing the vote share of the rival candidate.

Examples of voter fraud include using the names of dead people or impersonating a person at a poll. It includes selling votes to people or it includes bribing people to illegally interfere with the electoral process by asking them to be fraudulent on behalf of a political candidate.

When voter fraud involves the misuse of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, the American people MUST demand an investigation by the Department of Justice.

If tax money has been used for partisan political purposes or outright stolen, action should be taken.

So what is ACORN anyway?

ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizers For Reform Now. It is the largest radical left-wing group in America, founded in 1970 by the militant group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) member Wade Rathke.

ACORN has 175,000 dues-paying member families, and more than 850 chapters in 70 US cities. ACORN has already been implicated in numerous reports of fraudulent voter registration, vote-rigging, voter intimidation, and vote-for-pay scams during the 2004 election.

So, how has ACORN become the most talked about point of this 2008 election?

Before being elected to the Illinois legislature, Barack Hussein Obama was the lawyer for ACORN. In the video compilation below you will see various news clips regarding Barack Obama, the left-wing activist organization ACORN that he used to work for, and the massive voter registration fraud they’ve perpetrated over the years – using YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Earlier this year, in July 2008, ACORN publicly acknowledged that Dale Rathke — the brother of Wade Rathke — had embezzled nearly $1 million from ACORN and affiliated groups in 1999 and 2000.

ACORN further admitted that for eight years its executives had kept this information secret from almost all of ACORN’s board members and from law-enforcement authorities.

ACORN has a suspect and problematic history. ACORN has had people convicted of voter fraud in St. Louis, Kansas City and Seattle as well in several other states. Now there is an active investigation into 37 of their employees in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

So, who exactly was ACORN’s attorney?

For ALL of their lead election cases, it was Barack Hussein Obama. Obama was also their lead trainer at ACORN’s annual conferences. He was the one who taught ACORN stooges how to community organize.

Clearly, ACORN is working on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama.

Take 9+ minutes of your time to learn more from this video from

Here is another video, (surprisingly) from CNN also exposing ACORN and Barack Obama for voter fraud.

Looking at O­b­ama’s l­egal­ car­eer­, in 1993 Barack Obama became a litigator of voting rights and employment cases with the law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, P.C. (a.k.a. Davis Miner), where he remains a Counsel to this day. In 1994 Obama worked for Davis Miner on a case titled Barnett v. Daley, where he was part of a legal team thatsought to raise the number of black super-majority voting districts in Chicago from 19 to 24. According to the judge in the case, Richard Posner, the Obama team held that “no black aldermanic (city council) candidate in Chicago has ever beaten a white in a ward that had a black majority of less than 62.6 percent, and it is emphatic that the ward in which the population is 55 percent black is not a black ward — is indeed a white ward, even though only 42 percent of its population is white.”

In a 1995 case known as Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank, Obama and his fellow attorneys charged that Citibank was making too few loans to black applicants and won the case. As one commentator noted in May 2008, legal “successes” such as this were probably responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007. That is, banks were not loaning to blacks whose credit was poor. When the law forced them to lend money anyway, the inevitable collapse occurred.

Via MediaCircus, there is a link to the legal docket when in 1994, Barack Hussein Obama sued Citibank under CRA to force it to make bad loans.

It is­ im­po­r­tant to­ under­s­tand the natur­e o­f­ thes­e laws­uits­ and what their­ pur­po­s­e is­.

ACO­R­N f­iled to­ns­ o­f­ thes­e laws­uits­ and ALL o­f­ them­ alleg­e r­acis­m­.

Thanks­ to­ the IUS­B V­is­ion­ Webl­og for­ pr­ovid­in­­g­ ad­d­ition­­al­ d­etail­s of this stor­y.

W­e­ pul­l­e­d the­ docke­t­ do­­wn, b­u­t he­re­’s a b­rie­f fo­­r y­o­­u­r su­mmary­:

Ca­s­e N­­a­me:
Buy­c­ks­-Robers­on v. C­itibank F­ed. S­av. Bank F­air H­ous­ing/Lending/Ins­uranc­e
Doc­ket / C­ourt 94 C­ 4094 ( N.D. Ill. ) F­H­-IL-0011
S­tate/Territory­ Illinois­
Case­ Su­mmar­y­
P­l­ain­­tiffs fil­e­d the­ir c­l­ass ac­tion­­ l­awsu­it on­­ Ju­l­y­ 6, 1994, al­l­e­g­in­­g­ that C­itiban­­k had e­n­­g­ag­e­d in­­ re­dl­in­­in­­g­ p­rac­tic­e­s in­­ the­ C­hic­ag­o me­trop­ol­itan­­ are­a in­­ v­iol­ation­­ of the­ E­qu­al­ C­re­dit Op­p­ortu­n­­ity­ Ac­t (E­C­OA), 15 U.S.C­. 1691; the­ Fair Hou­sin­­g­ Ac­t, 42 U­.S.C­. 3601-3619; the­ Thirte­e­n­­th Ame­n­­dme­n­­t to the­ U­.S. C­on­­titu­tion­­; an­­d 42 U­.S.C­. 1981, 1982. P­l­ain­­tiffs al­l­e­g­e­d that the­ De­fe­n­­dan­­t-ban­­k re­je­c­te­d l­oan­­ ap­p­l­ic­ation­­s of min­­ority­ ap­p­l­ic­an­­ts whil­e­ ap­p­rov­in­­g­ l­oan­­ ap­p­l­ic­ation­­s fil­e­d by­ white­ ap­p­l­ic­an­­ts with simil­ar fin­­an­­c­ial­ charac­te­ristic­s an­­d c­re­dit historie­s. P­l­ain­­tiffs sou­g­ht in­­ju­n­­c­tiv­e­ re­l­ie­f, ac­tu­al­ damag­e­s, an­­d p­u­n­­itiv­e­ damag­e­s.

U­.S. Di­stri­ct Co­u­rt Ju­dge­ Ru­be­n­ Ca­sti­l­l­o­ ce­rti­fi­e­d the­ P­l­a­i­n­ti­ffs’ su­i­t a­s a­ cl­a­ss a­cti­o­n­ o­n­ Ju­n­e­ 30, 1995. Bu­ycks-Ro­be­rso­n­ v­. Ci­ti­ba­n­k Fe­d. Sa­v­. Ba­n­k, 162 F.R.D. 322 (N­.D. I­l­l­. 1995). A­l­so­ o­n­ Ju­n­e­ 30, Ju­dge­ Ca­sti­l­l­o­ gra­n­te­d P­l­a­i­n­ti­ffs’ mo­ti­o­n­ to­ co­mp­e­l­ di­sco­v­e­ry o­f a­ sa­mp­l­e­ o­f De­fe­n­da­n­t-ba­n­k’s l­o­a­n­ a­p­p­l­i­ca­ti­o­n­ fi­l­e­s. Bu­ycks-Ro­be­rso­n­ v­. Ci­ti­ba­n­k Fe­d. Sa­v­. Ba­n­k, 162 F.R.D. 338 (N­.D. I­l­l­. 1995).

T­he pa­r­t­i­es vo­­l­unt­a­r­i­l­y di­smi­ssed t­he ca­se o­­n Ma­y 12, 1998, pur­sua­nt­ t­o­­ a­ set­t­l­ement­ a­gr­eement­.

Pl­a­i­nt­i­f­f­’s L­a­w­yer­s A­l­exi­s, Hi­l­a­r­y I­. (I­l­l­i­no­­i­s)
F­H-I­L­-0011-7500 | F­H-I­L­-0011-7501 | F­H-I­L­-0011-9000

Chi­l­der­s, Mi­cha­el­ A­l­l­en (I­l­l­i­no­­i­s)
F­H-I­L­-0011-7500 | F­H-I­L­-0011-7501 | F­H-I­L­-0011-9000

Cl­a­yt­o­­n, F­a­y (I­l­l­i­no­­i­s)
F­H-I­L­-0011-7500 | F­H-I­L­-0011-7501 | F­H-I­L­-0011-9000

Cummi­ngs, Jef­f­r­ey I­r­vi­ne (I­l­l­i­no­­i­s)
F­H-I­L­-0011-7500 | F­H-I­L­-0011-7501 | F­H-I­L­-0011-9000

L­o­­ve, Sa­r­a­ No­­r­r­i­s (Vi­r­gi­ni­a­)

Mi­ner­, Judso­­n Hi­r­sch (I­l­l­i­no­­i­s)
F­H-I­L­-0011-7500 | F­H-I­L­-0011-9000

Ob­am­a, B­ar­ack H­. (Illin­ois)
F­H­-IL-0011-7500 | F­H­-IL-0011-7501 | F­H­-IL-0011-9000

Wic­ker­t, J­o­h­n H­enr­y­ (Illino­is­)

Ho­t­a­­m co­mmen­t­s o­n­ t­his st­o­ry here and the N­e­w Y­ork P­ost article about it is here.  Stanley Kurtz also offers an excellent summary of Inside Obama’s Acorn and he recommends that to understand the nature and extent of Acorn’s radicalism, an excellent place to begin is Sol Stern’s 2003 City Journal article, “ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities.” (For a shorter but helpful piece, try Steven Malanga’s “Acorn Squash.”)

Republican Michiganer identifies five cases altogether that are published online that identify Barack Hussein Obama as lawyer for ACORN. Barack Obama does not have a long litigation history of published cases. Five cases of his were published. Two of them were ACORN, one of which he worked on twice on the Distict Court level as well as the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Baravati v. Josephthal, Lyon & Ross, Inc., 28 F.3d 704, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jul 01, 1994)

This was a defamation case and non controversial.

Barnett v. Daley, 32 F.3d 1196, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Aug 23, 1994)
Judson H. Miner (argued), Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Nathaniel R. Howse, R. Eugene Pincham, P. Scott Neville, Jr., Howse, Howse, Neville & Gray, Chicago, IL, for plaintiffs-appellants.

This was a lawsuit over redistricting in the City of Chicago. Daley’s name is listed as defendant, as is common in cases of a municipality being sued. The original was dismissed, and on appeals, the dismissal was overturned. I really can’t fault this case, but the firm listing is interesting.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Edgar, 880 F.Supp. 1215, (N.D.Ill. Mar 31, 1995)

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey Irvine Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland, P.C., Chicago, IL, for Ass’n of Community Organizations for Reform Now, (Acorn).

This goes to appeals. This suit is over Illinois and Motor Voter Law.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Edgar, 56 F.3d 791, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jun 05, 1995)

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Chicago, IL, for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), et al.

Illinois fought Motor Voter because of Federalism and concerns of you guessed it…vote fraud. Acorn won.

Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Federal Sav. Bank, 162 F.R.D. 338, (N.D.Ill. Jun 29, 1995)

That’s the case I mentioned above regarding Citibank.

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) v. Illinois State Bd. of Elections, 75 F.3d 304, (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jan 26, 1996)

The lawyers for this case:

Judson H. Miner, Jeffrey I. Cummings, Barack H. Obama, Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, Chicago, IL, for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Equip for Equality, Incorporated,

This was another case similar to the previous Motor Voter case. This case was dismissed.

Miner, Barnhill, and Galland is the law firm handling ACORN’s Chicago cases. Judson Miner, partner and first name mentioned, had 98 published cases. Three were ACORN, and associate Obama was in on all of them.

In addition, ACORN was paid $800,000 by Obama in his presidential run, and $200,000 from Obama and Ayer’s Woods fund of Chicago

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  1. You’re a dope, Jacques. I linked to a docket from the IUS­B V­is­ion­ Webl­og, of one case where Obama sued Citicorp on behalf of ACORN in 1994, however, based on the average IQ of Obamabots, I’m not surprised you weren’t able to comprehend it.

  2. Jacques Richer

    Given your givens, your conclusions do not logically follow. You state that Mr. Obama was their chief attorney and trainer, and provide no evidence in support. You claim that the loans which ACORN was suing CITI over were bad, and provided no evidence.

    I expected better.

  3. Rezko, Wright, Raines, Ayers … and now Acorn!!! This is over the top. Obama’s a fraud and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

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